iQOO Neo7 evaluation: dual-core blessing enhances the gaming experience, the price of 3,000 yuan is the biggest attraction

Reporter|Wang Gongyi

Performance and games have always been the core focus of iQOO mobile phones. Just this month, iQOO Neo7 was officially released, so what is the actual performance?

iQOO Neo7 has been upgraded to Dimensity 9000+, which is currently the strongest SoC of Dimensity. This chip adopts TSMC’s 4nm process technology, which improves the performance of the previous generation CPU by 5% and the GPU by 10%. In addition, the new phone is also equipped with an enhanced version of LPDDDR5 and an overclocked version of UFS3.1, which is the highest memory combination in a mobile phone at present. After the actual measurement of the running software, the score of iQOO Neo7 reached 1 million+.

With such a performance upgrade, one of the main scenarios for applications is naturally games.

In the half-hour test of “Honor of Kings”, the average frame rate reached 118.2 FPS, which is almost close to full frame operation. In “Peace Elite”, after turning on the highest picture quality, the game frame rate was stable at 59.5 FPS for half an hour. This performance is quite good.

When I came to Genshin Impact with a higher load, after turning on the highest image quality and after testing, the average frame rate for 15 minutes was 59.4 FPS, and the overall fluctuation was relatively smooth, so iQOO Neo7 performed quite calmly in large-scale mobile games.

In addition to benefiting from the performance improvement of the Dimensity 9000+, such an experience is also inseparable from the new phone’s dedicated graphics chip Pro+.

There are two main functions of this independent chip. The first is to insert frames through the game to support the increase of the game from 90 frames to 120 frames, thereby upgrading the highest frame rate of the game and bringing a smoother game screen; the second is to reduce the power consumption of the game at a regular frame rate , the independent display chip blessing, is one of the reserved items of the iQOO Neo series.

It is worth mentioning that for game heat dissipation, iQOO Neo7 is equipped with an NTC high-precision temperature sensor, which can monitor the temperature status of the mobile phone in real time, and is equipped with a VC soaking plate of 4013m², whether it is “Honor of Kings” or “Peace Elite” for half an hour. “(both with the highest image quality and highest frame rate turned on), and the temperature of the back panel is controlled at around 35°C.

Also for gaming scenarios, the new screen has a two-finger 360Hz touch reporting rate and a 2000Hz instant touch sampling rate. The Samsung E5 flexible straight screen is also more suitable for games, plus the dual-control pressure sensitivity under the screen and the symmetrical dual X-axis linear motor As well as the closed three-dimensional double lift, these configurations are bonus points for the game link.

In this update, iQOO also brings two game accessories.

The first is the iQOO Lightning Controller 2. This handle has a dual-touch gaming joystick, two buttons in the upper left corner, and several operation buttons. When the handle is clamped to the iQOO Neo7, the look and feel is closer to a game console, which is more suitable for shooting or games that require complex operations.

One detail is that the back of the handle is curved at the touch of the fingertips, and the textured material on the surface improves the handle when holding the handle, and the longest battery life of this handle is 72 hours.

Another accessory is the iQOO extreme wind cooling back clip Neo.

This product supports 68-86mm multi-size models, 4 full-color LED lights with 16 million color lighting effects, in line with game attributes.

In actual operation, the noise of the extreme wind cooling back clip is not obvious. By cooling down, the performance of mobile games will be smoother. Active cooling at the physical level is also one of the most effective ways to improve the gaming experience.

Back to iQOO Neo7. The 120W flagship flash charge has been delegated to this new product, which has a built-in 5000mAh large battery, which is an improvement compared to the previous “4700mAh+80W flash charge” combination. It is actually measured that after the extreme speed mode is turned on, it can be charged to 50% in 9 minutes and fully charged in about 28 minutes. Regardless of battery life or charging power, it is the first echelon of mobile phones at present.

The design of iQOO Neo7 still continues the brand style. The new phone has a “geometric black” color scheme, the back is frosted AG glass, the camera module is arranged in a stepped rectangle, and the iconic “Neo” pixel logo is placed below the camera module, inheriting a series of Neo series. elements.

The biggest attraction of iQOO Neo7 is actually the price. The new machine starts at 2699 yuan, and the top configuration is 12+512GB, which is only 3599 yuan. After completing the upgrade of performance, screen, and charging, this configuration is quite competitive in the 3,000 yuan gear, especially for game scenarios, which already meets the flagship positioning.

At this point in October, the Neo7, the main cost-effective product, was launched, and iQOO’s goal was already obvious – to occupy a place in the next Double Eleven mobile phone sales list.

Also launched with the Neo7 is the iQOO TWS Air earphones. This headset is designed in contrasting colors of yellow and black, with a battery life of up to 25 hours, supports Bluetooth 5.2, and uses a 14.2mm bio-carbon fiber moving coil with DeepX 2.0 stereo effect.

The starting price of iQOO TWS Air is 169 yuan.