iPhone 15 or a big change! The Pro version cancels the physical button and changes the press

Zhongguancun Online News: On October 28th, according to relevant news, the iPhone 15 series to be released next year can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade. Not only will the Lighting interface be cancelled and replaced with a new USB Type-C interface, the new phone will also use a brand new one. A17 processor, performance and power consumption will achieve a significant breakthrough, there will also be hope that there should be 8GB of running memory, and the application opening speed will be upgraded again.

It is reported that the new iPhone 15 Pro series may also cancel all physical buttons on the fuselage, and the power button and volume button may adopt a “solid key” design to fully realize the pressure-sensitive operation method. The new machine will be equipped with a Taptic Engine linear motor. When you press the designated control area, the vibration feedback of the real button will be simulated by changing the back motor. Let’s look forward to it together!