iPad10 changed to C port, but the transfer rate did not speed up~

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In the early hours of last week, Apple directly listed two new iPads on its official website. iPad Pro with M2 processor and iPad 10 with A14 processor respectively. In addition to the upgrade of appearance and processor, the biggest change of iPad 10 is to abandon the Lighting interface and switch to the USB-C interface. This is also Apple’s last tablet to upgrade the interface. Since then, all iPad series have bid farewell to the Lighting interface.


When foreign media The Verge evaluated the iPad 10, it found that the data transfer speed of the USB-C port of the iPad 10 is limited to the 480Mbps that USB 2.0 can support . This means that even after upgrading to a USB-C interface, the data transfer speed of the iPad 10 is still the same as the iPad 9 with the Lighting interface .



Other iPad models upgraded to USB-C interface have faster data transfer speeds. For example, the transfer rate of iPad Air 5 can reach 10Gbps, even iPad mini 6 can reach 5Gbps, and the transfer rate of iPad Pro equipped with M1 chip can even reach 10Gbps. up to 40Gbps.


I have to sigh that Apple’s knife technique is really too accurate. It seems to be an upgrade, but in fact, it saves money if it can be saved. The upgrade is lonely~

Although the starting price of the iPad 10 this time is about to catch up with the price of the Air version, in the final analysis, it is still positioned as an entry-level machine, and it is normal for the transmission speed to be at the bottom. However, most users hardly use the iPad to transfer data, which has little impact.


In addition, the upgrade of iPad 10 also brings a problem to users. It is only compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil , and the first-generation Apple Pencil only supports the Lightning interface to charge.


This also causes users to have to use a converter to charge them wiredly. Perhaps Apple has thought of this for a long time. For this reason, it specially launched a USB-C to Apple Pencil converter on Apple’s official website. The price is only 67 yuan.


While this new iPad’s approach to the first-generation Apple Pencil is a bit puzzling, it’s a big step toward a unified charging port. At least Apple’s official website has a converter to ensure that users don’t need to buy a new cable if their old cable is broken.

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