iOS16.1 upgrade experience! Is it worth the upgrade?

Recently, Apple officially released the iOS16.1 update, and friends who are still stuck in the iOS16 system or earlier must be watching. Is it worth upgrading to iOS16.1? Will there be negative optimization? In this issue, I will share with you a wave of upgrade suggestions for iOS 16.1.

iPhone 14 Pro users can directly rush

The first is the users of the iPhone14 Pro series. This time, iOS16.1 can be upgraded with confidence – because it is for the iPhone14 Pro series, Smart Island has opened the interface of third-party APPs, allowing more apps to use Smart Island.

Before the iOS16 system, there were still many APPs that were not adapted to Smart Island, wasting this main selling point. Now that the iPhone14 Pro has been upgraded to iOS16.1, the utilization efficiency of Smart Island can be significantly improved.

Models before iPhone 14 Pro, upgrade as appropriate

If you are a model before the iPhone 14 Pro, such as the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 12 series, this time iOS16.1 can be upgraded as appropriate, that is to say, if you want to upgrade, you can’t upgrade, and if you don’t want to upgrade, you can’t upgrade, and the fluency and battery life have not changed much.

The biggest change is the battery icon. Now the battery will not be full all the time, but will change according to the change of the battery, which will not give everyone the illusion that the battery is always full.

Of course, if you haven’t upgraded to iOS16 or the system under iOS15, it’s not a big problem if you don’t upgrade to iOS16.1 this time. It should be noted that Apple closed the downgrade verification channel before iOS16.0, that is to say, if you upgraded iOS16.1, then congratulations, you have no regrets.

Mind the annoying copy-paste problem? Brainless upgrade to iOS16.1 is right!

In addition to the power icon and the open adaptation of the smart island for iPhone14 Pro, this time iOS16.1 has a major upgrade, that is, the copy and paste permission that was often reminded by pop-up windows before. Now the frequency of reminders under the iOS16.1 system is not so high—— However, it should be noted that there will still be reminders, but the frequency is not as high as before.

Before iOS16.0, the reminder of copy and paste permission was too frequent. Now iOS16.1 has finally improved this problem. Friends who mind can rush to iOS16.1 without thinking.

Summary & Recommendations

Finally, a summary & suggestion, if you are an iPhone14 Pro user, you must upgrade to iOS16.1 this time. If you are a user of iPhone13 series and iPhone12 series, or a user of iPhone11, iPhone XR, iPhone12 MIni, iPhone13 Mini, you can also upgrade with confidence iOS 16.1, a model that had no battery number before, is now also adapted to the battery number, which is quite rare. Although Android’s battery number has long been rotten, but the iPhone just has it, it is worth a try.

If you have any questions about iOS16.1, you are welcome to ask them, I will answer them one by one, and you are also welcome to share your iOS16.1 upgrade experience!