iOS 16.2 will add new features that consume more power!

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In the official version of iOS 16.1 just released this week, “real-time activities” has already supported the adaptation of third-party apps. Currently, commonly used apps such as AutoNavi Maps, QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Himalaya, and Hema have begun to slow down. Slow adaptation.

Through the “real-time activity” function, users can obtain the latest information of the app in real time on the screen without opening the app, such as the progress of takeaway orders, the arrival time of taxis, and the score of the game. In order for users to get the latest news in a more timely manner, Apple seems to be preparing to add more frequent real-time event notifications.

According to foreign media 9to5Mac, in the latest iOS 16.2 beta, Apple will add an option to allow live activity updates more frequently , allowing users to choose to refresh the “live activity” message more frequently.

Code for iOS 16.2 shows that when the option is enabled, live events (including the iPhone 14 Pro’s Smart Island interaction) will request updates at shorter intervals to show “more live information”, but Apple has yet to add this switch.

In addition, the code has a warning message that if you enable the more frequent “real-time activity” refresh function, the iPhone’s battery consumption will also be accelerated . Specifically: Allowing for more frequent refreshes allows you to see more real-time information, but drains battery faster.

9to5Mac speculates that Apple may disclose this feature before the official release of iOS 16.2.

Seeing the words “more power consumption”, it is estimated that many friends with power anxiety will not choose to turn on this function, just like the “always on display” unique to the current iPhone 14 Pro.

Before the launch of the iPhone 14, the “always on display” function could be said to be the most popular, but when Apple really added the “always on display” function to the iPhone 14 Pro, many people chose not to turn on this function in order to save power. Function.

Of course, while the new features provide convenience, they will undoubtedly increase the power consumption of the iPhone. This is inevitable. As for whether to choose to enable it, it depends entirely on personal needs.

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