Investment and financing, seeking cooperation, job fairs, industry analysis, the high-end group of e-sports world opens recruitment | e-sports world

In order to further facilitate e-sports colleagues to seek resources and discuss the future development of e-sports, the high-end group of e-sports world (WeChat: itspyder e-sports industry professional media) has been opened. Friends who need to introduce and join the e-sports circle can add Tuo Tuo WeChat , This group is a high-end group, the first 300 places are free to join the group, and the last 200 people pay to join the group (the fee for joining the group is 100 yuan/person) . Group (full group), 4 groups are open.

Group requirements:

1. Practitioners above the director level of e-sports enterprises;

2. Full-time teachers of e-sports schools, e-sports lawyers, psychotherapists and other full-time e-sports practitioners;

3. Active professional players and e-sports coaches;

4. Above the level of deputy secretary general of social and official organizations such as e-sports associations;

5. Relevant governments, units, investors, etc.

How to join the group:

1. Add Tuo Tuo WeChat;

2. Submit a personal business card with a postscript: apply to join the high-end group and communicate with peers;

3. Please modify the group nickname immediately after entering the group: company name – position – name (or nickname) , if it is not modified within 48 hours, it will be regarded as actively withdrawing from the group, withdrawing from the group, withdrawing from the group!

4. Regular cleaning of high-end groups

High-end group rules:

E-sports world (WeChat: itspyder professional media for the e-sports industry) high-end 4 groups have been opened, and friends who need to be introduced to join the e-sports circle can add Tuo Tuo WeChat. This group is a high-end group. The first 300 places are free to join the group, and later 200 paid groups, private group pulling is not accepted, thank you bosses for your support and cooperation, the e-sports world will laugh at e-sports with you!

Welcome new friends! Thank you bosses for your cooperation! ! !

[E-sports World Tucao Conference] Group rules:

1. The purpose of this group is to provide a place for everyone to communicate and learn

2. Encourage group members to express their opinions rationally

3. Entering the group to modify the group nickname, the format: company-position-nickname, you can refer to the group member nickname format, two days after entering the group without modifying the group name card is considered to be actively withdrawing from the group;

4. You need to cooperate with the group owner first, and you can send it only after the group owner agrees;

5. The following situations are prohibited in the group:

Malicious brush group;

Advertise in any form;

Send marketing promotion links;

Post reactionary, pornographic and violent information;

Personal attack due to discussion;

Use plug-ins to snatch group red envelopes;

Malicious harassment of group members;

5. Since this group is not an open WeChat group, new members must be approved by the administrator to join the group.

Finally, I hope that the friends can learn something in the group ~ everyone learns from each other!