Invest 1 billion to build a terminal delivery team with a scale of 10,000 people

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This year’s Double 11, “super-head anchors” gathered in the live broadcast room, is not the only direction of Tmall’s efforts.

On October 27, during the pre-sale of Tmall Double 11, Tmall and Cainiao jointly announced that in the next three years, consumers will buy wardrobes, beds, washing machines and other large-scale electrical home improvement products on Tmall, and they will achieve 100% “one-time door-to-door,” Free shipping”.

It can be said that the delivery service of electrical appliances, furniture, home improvement and other commodities has always been a problem in the industry, which is called “hard to chew” in the industry. This move may mean that Tmall will increase its efforts in e-commerce performance services, while Cainiao The goal is obviously to get this “hard nut to crack”.

According to the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, according to the new goals released by Taobao Tmall and Cainiao, in the next three years, Cainiao will invest 1 billion yuan to establish a team of 10,000 terminal delivery masters, so that large-scale logistics The service is more guaranteed with certainty.

To a certain extent, the determination to develop large-scale logistics is also related to the general direction of Tao-based e-commerce at this stage. In order to stabilize the e-commerce market, Tao Department has begun to pay special attention to consumer experience. Home delivery has long been the focus of Cainiao, and the delivery service of large-scale goods is a link that cannot be ignored.

“The biggest theme of this year is how to make Double 11 everyday.” At the press conference, Wan Lin, CEO of Cainiao, talked about the logistics preparation for Double 11, “It has changed from digesting the peak scale of Double 11 express delivery to a real service for businesses and consumers. to provide quality logistics services.”

It will expand from 300 cities to 2,800 counties

Door-to-door delivery of bulky electrical home improvement products has never been an easy task.

Different from online shopping for small items, when consumers buy large items, they have higher requirements for the certainty of delivery services, but there are always six major pain points: slow timeliness, arbitrary charges, frequent door-to-door, damaged goods, difficult to return, Difficult to deal with used goods. These pain points affect consumers’ purchasing experience and consumption decisions.

At the same time, there are also many pain points on the merchant side: most brands do not have the ability to build their own delivery service capabilities, but the current third-party services in the market often do not have a unified service standard, resulting in poor consumers and high losses of merchants.

At the press conference, Wan Lin said that the entire distribution process of electrical appliances, furniture, home improvement and other commodities is very complicated. At the end, there are more than a dozen links in the whole process and process to make an appointment and take away the old furniture. Compared with ordinary express delivery, the complexity is very high.”

He mentioned that since the bulk logistics were very discrete and spliced ​​together by service providers, even though the express delivery industry has already fully digitized the full-link and multi-link digitization of electronic orders, there are still some large-scale goods. The proportion of complete logistics details does not exceed 10%, while other categories have exceeded 99%.

At the press conference, Chui Xue, President of Alibaba Taobao Tmall Industry Development and Operation Center, said that in order to solve these pain points, Tmall began to deploy the service of “one visit, free delivery” three years ago. At present, this service has covered consumers in 300 cities across the country. Tmall hopes to use another three years to realize the “one-time door-to-door, free delivery” of electrical home improvement products in more than 2,800 counties, covering all counties across the country.

From covering 300 cities in 3 years to 2,800 counties in 3 years, obviously, the coverage of this service will be further expanded.

“It took us three years to reach 300 cities. Why do we want to reach 2,800 cities in the next three years? We think ‘0 to 1’ is the most difficult.” As for the problem of speeding up expansion, Wan Lin said that in the already achieved In the case of a “0 to 1” breakthrough, the difficulty of replicating and promoting it is different.

In terms of the specific operation process, Wan Lin said at the press conference that, as the official logistics of Tmall large-scale commodities, Cainiao has initially established a professional logistics solution for large-scale commodities: it has opened self-service logistics in industrial bases such as Foshan, Ganzhou and Chaozhou. It also took the lead in implementing the “fixed-point shuttle” mode, which shortened the delivery time for consumers in 70 cities by 2-3 days.

In addition, the reporter learned that in the last mile delivery link, Taobao Tmall and Cainiao have established a team of self-operated delivery masters, in terms of advance reservation, cleaning and protection, door-to-door delivery, integrated delivery and packaging, and take away packaging. Standardized operations have been achieved, and the completion rate of one-time delivery has reached 98%.

Large-scale logistics, new incremental space?

“We think the future space and imagination of this market are very large.” At the press conference, Fubuki said.

It is reported that electrical home improvement products include 1,700 sub-categories including furniture, major appliances, and home improvement products. The “ten home items” most familiar to Chinese are wardrobes, beds, sofas, TV cabinets, and dining tables. Chair, bathroom cabinet, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine.

At present, the market size of electrical home improvement products in the country exceeds 5 trillion yuan, of which Taobao Tmall is the first platform for electrical home improvement consumption. Statistics show that every year, 267 million consumers buy electrical home decoration on Tmall. In the first 10 months of this year alone, consumers bought more than 24 million beds, more than 22 million sofas, and more than 18 million on Taobao and Tmall. A dining table and chairs.

Xu Yong, vice president of the Express Branch of the China Transportation Association, told the “Daily Economic News” reporter that in the express delivery market, Cainiao’s space for development has been limited, and a new market must be explored. In his view, new players who enter the market vigorously will not have a great impact on the market. “The market is large enough and the increment is large enough.”

Xu Yong said that there is still a lot of room for development in logistics services for bulky goods. “Overall, the competition in the bulky logistics market is not as fierce as the express market. In the next two years, the competition will be even more intense.”

Express logistics expert Zhao Xiaomin believes that Tmall’s development of large-scale logistics is conducive to improving the user stickiness and competitiveness of its business. For Cainiao, it is also an important part of strengthening its own network competitiveness. “Cainiao is the official logistics of Tmall, equivalent to With its own traffic, it may face some challenges at the beginning of entering the market, but Ali still has a large number of merchants, and in general, the opportunities outweigh the challenges.”

In addition, from the perspective of the entire Tao-based e-commerce business, the “one-time door-to-door and free delivery” of large-scale products is also in line with the current overall strategic direction.

Fubuki said at the press conference: “We still hope to improve our reputation in the hearts of consumers through this network. The logic is not only around the transaction of a commodity, but also to continuously share users with our customers.”

From the rookie’s point of view, further development of bulk logistics is also a key part of its long-term strategy. According to Wan Lin, the first quality service of double 11 logistics this year is door-to-door delivery. To this end, Cainiao and Tmall Taobao have launched a door-to-door service for Tmall and Taobao parcel delivery: through Cainiao Station, Cainiao direct delivery, and joint express companies, etc., to provide consumers with strong needs with certainty door-to-door services Serve.

As far as this year’s double 11 e-commerce war is concerned, differentiated competitiveness has also become more and more important.

According to a recent report released by Bain & Company, in 2021, 56% of respondents said they plan to shop on 3 or more platforms during the “Double Eleven” period, and this year the proportion has risen to 69%. At the same time, 37% of the respondents said they plan to go shopping on 5 or more platforms this year.

“The diversification of platforms means more competition for retailers.” Liu Yang, global partner of Bain & Company and chairman of retail business in Greater China, believes that more competition does not necessarily mean blind price war competition. This year, more focus is on how platforms can better differentiate themselves and compete.

He mentioned that many retailers have shifted their focus and goals to more quality development. “The focus of retailers and the market will shift more to the battle for loyalty, not just the competition for GMV.”

In this context, how to provide differentiated services to “stick” to consumers has become a crucial “event” for e-commerce platforms.

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