Inventory of action mobile games that must be played in 2023, the last visual burst has a strong sense of shock!

Inventory of action mobile games that must be played in 2023, the last visual burst has a strong sense of shock!

Action games have always been one of the most popular types of games for players. Players can control game characters to perform various actions such as attacking, dodging, and jumping, and combine these actions to achieve unexpected effects. And action games often have tense plots, rich sound and light effects, and a strong sense of impact, allowing players to quickly concentrate and immerse themselves in them. So today we will take stock together, those action mobile games that must be played in 2023!

“War Double Pamish”

Zhanshuang is a two-dimensional ARPG mobile game with doomsday theme. In the game, the player will become a commander and fight against the army of machines infected by the virus. During the battle, the player can cast 4 kinds of commands, and different command combinations will bring Come to different strike effects to make your battle look more cool. At the same time, the plot and graphics of Zhanshuang are also a major feature. It is recommended for players of the doomsday plot party to try it out.

“One Piece: Passion for Blood”

This is a mobile game adapted from the anime IP of “One Piece”. The game continues the classic plot of the anime. It begins with Luffy leaving the Windmill Village and tells the various stories that the Straw Hat Pirates encountered on the way to find One Piece. In the original book The famous classic plots such as the Battle of Alibastan and the Battle of Judicial Island are presented in the original work. As an action game, each character in Bloodline has multiple skills. Free combination of ordinary skills, additional skills, esoteric skills, and ultimate esoteric skills can produce different effects. The game is highly playable, and each time Both skills restore the moves of the characters in the anime, taking into account the playability and feelings, fan fans must not miss it!

“One Punch Man: World”

As the name suggests, this is a mobile game based on the popular manga “One Punch Man”. Earth story. The protagonist Saitama is also one of the heroes, and has outstanding combat power, no matter how strong the monster is, it can be dealt with with one punch. The game restores the characters and plots of the original work, and even extends or creates a series of brand new plots based on the original story development, allowing players to open fresh “plot easter eggs” in the familiar Hakoniwa world.

There are a lot of characters in “One Punch Man: The World”, and each character has its own unique skill design and core mechanism. The planning also designs the character’s skills according to the character’s iconic combat actions and personality settings in the original work The action makes the player feel as if he really entered the Hakoniwa world of the original game when playing the game. For example, in the original work, Lightning Max ignites his high-tech shoes to enhance his combat power. In the game, he also uses ignition skills to strengthen his basic attacks and ultimate moves. Most importantly, in “One Punch Man: World”, players not only need to study the skills of their own characters, but also understand the attack methods of different bosses, because the attack skills of bosses will also interrupt the player’s attack at any time. Of course, if We know ourselves and the enemy and we can seize the opportunity, and we can block or interrupt the skills of the boss at any time. The combination of action and strategy will greatly enhance the fun of the game!

In addition to the unique combat system, “One Punch Man: The World” also has a rich and free exploration gameplay. In the bustling market, many shops can be entered and interacted with, such as going to a coffee shop to drink coffee, and going to a comic shop to read the latest comics , or playing games in the game hall can make you more immersed in the game! At present, “One Punch Man: The World” has entered the second test recruitment stage. I believe that after the test is perfect, the player’s game experience will be better. Interested friends hurry up to sign up!