Introduction of the Magic Tower Golden Autumn Gift

Today, Beet Girl will introduce the gameplay and skills of Jinqiu’s cool game.

1. Introduction to gameplay:

The gameplay of this game is very simple and clear. Anyone who has played Qinliang Shock should be familiar with this gameplay mode – yes, it is the autumn version of Qinliang Shock. The competition venue is near Jingyue Street, with a big tree and rockery in the center. Surrounded by a transparent safety barrier, the safety zone will become smaller and smaller over time, and staying outside the safety zone will be eliminated.

Skill cooldowns, freeze bombs, and maple bomb blasts are scattered around. Maple Blast can increase basic attack damage, up to 3 can be picked up.

Start with 8 players. After the countdown ends, players randomly turn into a cute little cutie with corresponding abilities. Hana (Mello) is Chaos, Mia is Acceleration, and Tata is Flashbang. Directly aim at others and point basic attacks to attack, and clear the opponent’s blood to zero or pop out of the circle to be eliminated.

Players can watch the battle on a nearby platform after they are eliminated.

2. Activity Rewards:

The maximum is 700 Maple Leaf coins, and the minimum is 100. The obtained Maple Leaf coins can be exchanged for rewards in the mall.

3. Playing skills

The best view position: After the start, immediately run to the middle of the big tree branch, keep hooking until the end, the safe area shrinks and the position moves accordingly, until the safe area cannot be too small, just jump into the safe area. The only downside to this method is that if you accidentally drop it while moving, you may be targeted by a skilled player with 3 balls, but even this can lead to the top few.

If you want to have a big fight to test your skills, it is recommended to go to the edge of the safe area. Generally, the props will not be in the center. If you go around, you can pick up the maple bomb impact props faster. When fighting, the operator’s aiming degree is more tested. If someone regards you as a target, you might as well use the double jump to evade flexibly. Remember one point, and you will be done.

The above is Beet Girl’s introduction to this golden autumn cool game, I hope it can help everyone.