Interview with JDG jungler Kanavi: Deft players are very professional, so I want to get to know them

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On October 30th, Beijing time, in the first semi-final of the 2022 Global Finals, JDG lost 1-3 to T1 and unfortunately stopped in the top four. As the only LPL team in the S12 semi-finals, JDG has always attracted attention from all walks of life. After eliminating RGE in the quarter-finals, JDG jungler Kanavi accepted an exclusive interview with Big Esports.

Q: Did you think before the game that it would be so smooth 3-0?

Kanavi: 3-0 I didn’t expect it, but I thought JDG would win.

Q: Many LPL viewers got up early to watch your games. Do you have anything to say to them?

Kanavi: A big thank you to the LPL fans for cheering us on at this time.

Q: Entering the knockout stage is BO5, is there anything more to pay attention to than BO1 in the group stage?

Kanavi: If there is a loss in BO5, we have time to adjust and then face the next one. This is different from BO1.

Q: You have used a lot of heroes in the World Championships, which are impressive, such as Men Gun, Wei, and Foyego. Which hero do you have the most impression on?

Kanavi: I think the most impressive thing is the male gun, because I am fat when playing with the male gun, so I am more impressed.

Q: Playing “wild core” has always been your team’s style. After playing all the way in the World Championship, will you feel less pressure? Because your teammates are growing fast.

Kanavi: Originally, the jungler position is that if my teammates play better, I can play more comfortably, so my teammates play better, which helps me a lot.

Q: Many professional players are generous with your praise, do you know that?

Kanavi: The high evaluation of me is probably because I played better in scrims, and I have to play harder next time to be worthy of these evaluations.

Q: During the preparation for the knockout rounds, the team also encountered some difficulties. How did you overcome them?

Kanavi: As professional players, no matter how the environment changes, we feel that we still have to train hard and prepare for the game.

Q: You will face the winner of T1 and RNG in the semifinals. Who do you think is the more likely opponent?

Kanavi: I think it’s better no matter who I meet, because I haven’t played against them in T1, so I want to play against them; RNG lost to them in the regular season, so their words are just right Get revenge.

Q: Every year, players from each team in the World Championship will have some interactions. Do you have any players you want to know?

Kanavi: There is no need to interact with players who are close to each other. It is better to interact with players who you want to know. The player I want to get close to is Deft, because I think the professionalism of Deft players is very high, so I want to get to know them.

Q: Has the goal this time changed over time?

Kanavi: At the beginning, my goal was to make it to the Worlds, and then I wanted to make it to the quarterfinals. Now that I have reached the semifinals, I feel that the next goal should be to make it to the finals.