Interview with Deng Chen丨Do a good job of products and services, and create greater value for users

Scientex Group was established in Switzerland in 1895 and has a history of more than 120 years. In 1995, Suntech Group and Beijing Jinyu Group signed an agreement to establish a joint venture Beijing Suntech Company. Over the past 27 years, its business has developed from a single heating radiator to fresh air purification, cooling and heating radiation, passive house ultra-low energy building ventilation series, etc. field, and has developed into a leading brand in the HVAC industry with high-quality products and services.

In 2022, the Kangshu Wuheng system city exhibition hall will be built one after another, the new logo will be replaced and the brand will be upgraded, and the project will focus on expanding multiple channels at the same time… In the post-epidemic era, Suntech is constantly expanding the enterprise through multi-dimensional layout and innovation. self and customer value. Here, Sohu Focus Home recently had a conversation with Deng Chen, Marketing Director of Scientex (China), to explore Sender’s brand growth.

Under iterative upgrade,

Scientex Wuheng system rejuvenates

The four seasons are like spring, the air is fresh, the temperature and humidity are suitable, and it is not affected by smog… In an indoor space, all the above functions need to be debugged, such as floor heating, air conditioners, fresh fans and many other products. The actual experience effect cannot achieve the best results. excellent. Even if the outdoor air is much better than in previous years, the indoor air quality is still the top priority we should pay attention to.

Mr. Deng told Sohu Focus Home that the Sender Wuheng City Exhibition Hall provides users with a choice. In order to upgrade the terminal consumption experience, Scientex has successively set up Scientex Wuheng city exhibition halls in Guiyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Beijing and other cities. Data such as carbon dioxide, pm2.5, humidity and temperature can be displayed in real time on the cloud-controlled screen, and users can sit Come down to drink tea and eat hot pot, you can hear with your ears, see with your eyes, feel with your body, and experience the new way of life that it brings with zero distance and immersion.

This is due to the Sender Wuheng system (Kangshu indoor environment system), which integrates constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant cleaning and constant static. As a high-end intelligent integrated system, it can be used for different places and different groups of people. Customization can ensure temperature, humidity, oxygen content, solve problems such as many noise sources, many pipes affecting interior decoration, multi-system linkage control, etc., and energy-saving use costs are low.

In fact, the Wuheng system is not a new thing. Mr. Deng told Sohu Focus Home that Suntech had already integrated the Wuheng system into the construction of contemporary MOMA and Fengshang International projects in 2003. Its biggest feature is comfort and energy saving. Therefore, re-entering the market in 2022 to build connections with consumers is also based on in-depth thinking during the epidemic. “Everyone has been at home for longer, and people’s definition of a house has also changed.”

In the context of consumption upgrading, as the main consumer groups of households are getting younger, people not only hope that the air in the house will be healthier, but also hope that the house itself will be smarter. By building a product system and connecting with some smart homes, Suntech has Give your home a new lease of life. It is reported that Suntech has opened APP intelligent control in product lines such as floor heating system, fresh air system, fresh air heat pump all-in-one machine, and provides more services to customers through cloud services.

From the first-generation constant temperature and humidity system in Beijing Nanluoguxiang in 2008, to the upgraded LCD version of the constant temperature and humidity system in Changping Provence in Beijing in 2013, from the third-generation constant temperature and humidity system in Beijing Jinglin’s original work in 2020, to the use of Kangshujia all-in-one air machine + local Network detection + cloud server + APP control + mobile data monitoring… With the blessing of hard-core technology, Sendex Wuheng system has been upgraded again and again in iterations, making Sendex Wuheng more diversified, and also allowing customers to There are more choices.

“Sende can provide different options for water system and fluorine system outdoor unit, different options for Kangshujia all-in-one machine or Kangshufu all-air system, different options for radiation system or all-air system, different options for ground radiation or top radiation , according to the different needs of each customer, to provide different and reasonable solutions. A good system is not a stack of equipment, but a reasonable combination of software and hardware, which is the cleverness of Sende Wuheng system.” Deng said.

Engineering-oriented, diversified efforts

Sendai increases channel expansion

Suntech has always been an engineering-based company, and has strategic cooperation with many leading developers in China, such as Poly Real Estate, Evergrande Group, R&F Real Estate, Shoukai Real Estate, Zhuzong Group, Landsea Real Estate, Sino-Ocean Real Estate, Gemdale Group, China Resources Land, Greenland Group, BBMG Group, etc. In addition, Suntech’s products cover various construction fields such as institutions, factories, airports, schools, offices, passive houses, and residences.

As for the channel layout of Suntech, it still focuses on engineering, and simultaneously develops multiple channels.

Regarding installation companies, 10 years ago, most building materials and furniture manufacturers and installation companies cooperated more with product procurement and supply. 10 years later, in order to allow customers to enjoy better quality products and more reliable services, at the same time more price advantages , Suntech will provide special channels and products, and improve the supply chain together with the installation companies.

Taking Yezhifeng as an example, as a “short-list” supplier of Yezhifeng, Suntech will improve its own products to the super new species store under Yezhifeng’s line, making it possible to provide a one-stop home service solution. Since 2021, through the strategic cooperation with Yezhifeng, Scientex has increased its deep digging in Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Tianjin, Jinan, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Dalian and other cities.

In addition, regarding designers, Mr. Deng believes that they have unique and accurate judgments on cutting-edge design and C-end feedback. On how to meet the individual needs of consumers, Suntech will communicate with a wider group of designers; In 2018, Sender has opened stores on and Tmall platforms. Sender Kangshu (zehnder) fresh air system products are exclusively launched on JD. product awareness. “We are always trying new media, and the future is also our top priority.” Mr. Deng told Sohu Focus Home Furnishing.

At the moment when household consumption is stratified and information is becoming more and more fragmented, Scientex will continue to give play to the competitive advantages of engineering channels and carry out multi-channel layout, so as to attract more high-net-worth individuals to pay attention to Scientex, as a relatively traditional manufacturing enterprise , Mr. Deng emphasized that multi-legged walking magnifies the market value, while Suntech’s focus is still on the production and research and development of products and the improvement of the service team system.

Improve product and service quality

Create greater value for users

“Speak with products. Products are our core.” Mr. Deng repeatedly mentioned in the dialogue. As an enterprise for more than 120 years, Suntech Group has always been at the forefront of the world in strengthening product competitiveness.

Suntech (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 and completed and put into production in 1998. Suntech radiators were widely popular when they were listed in China, and triggered a major change in the radiator industry. In order to meet the market demand, in October 2013, the large factory of Suntech (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation, covering an area of ​​200,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of more than 7 million radiators, With more than 200,000 ground source heat pumps and fresh air fans, it has become one of the largest HVAC manufacturing and production bases in China.

Today, as people pay more attention to the quality of home life and awaken to their individual needs, and guided by user thinking, Suntech deepens the exploration of energy conservation, environmental protection, health and comfort. Doors and windows with better air-tightness, and walls with better thermal insulation… All these make the house more energy-efficient, like a bottle wearing a thick cotton jacket, but people cannot live in a thermos, so ventilation is necessary, “Full Heat The “recycled fresh air system” has replaced air conditioners, floor heating, wall-hung boilers, etc., and people’s living environment will be more low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable.

“Three points” depend on products, and “seven points” depend on service! In the building of service capabilities, Suntech consciously guides dealers to change their role as service providers. According to local market conditions and audience needs, Suntech headquarters and local dealers plan marketing activities together. Home consumption is becoming more rational, and people are willing to pay for quality. , Mr. Deng believes that the value of reliable services is magnifying.

Mr. Deng used a Scientex dealer in Wuxi as an example. Although Scientex products have high customer order value and the merchant entered the market a little later, through referrals from old customers, he has far surpassed other competitors. Heating is his magic weapon. “He went to install the heating, and found that the TV set-top box of the old man was broken. He took the initiative to help the old man to replace the set-top box, and he did all the related or unrelated services.”

Figure / new (right) old (left) LOGO comparison

From the group level, the Suntech brand is also infinitely fitting end consumer groups. Through market research and comprehensive evaluation, in July 2022, Scientex Group will solemnly release a new corporate image for its branches and partners in dozens of countries around the world. Scientex LOGO is newly upgraded, and its recognition is enhanced, which is conducive to the wider spread of the brand. , behind it is the consideration of the rejuvenation of the Suntech brand, and the new LOGO is more in line with the current fashion and aesthetic taste.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Deng emphasized that the embodiment of a company’s high-quality development lies in the fact that the company should make efforts from multiple dimensions such as products, services and brands, and continuously strengthen the cultivation of its own internal strength, so as to create greater value for partners and consumer users.

Picture/From right to left: Zheng Haiyun, General Manager of Sohu Focus Home Furnishing, Deng Chen, Marketing Director of Suntech (China) Company, Liu Yaoru, National Editor-in-Chief of Sohu Focus Home Furnishing

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