Interpretation of the 10.11 maintenance of Fantasy Westward Journey

Although the maintenance announcement of Fantasy Westward Journey PC version week is short, its content is extremely important. Of course, there is also information about the major reform of the sect in October 2022. Below, let’s give you a brief explanation!

1. The major reform of martial arts will be tested on October 12

Fantasy Westward Journey October sect reform will be launched on the test server on October 12, 2022. Players (character level ≥ 159 and the account is bound to the general order) can go to Chang’an City to find the “development test messenger” to register and experience this time in advance. change. The focus of this change is on some sect skills, myriad meridians, artifacts, magic weapons, spiritual treasures and spiritual accessories sets. These adjustments will be in development and testing from 12:00 on October 12, 2022 to 12:00 on October 17, 2022 server release,

2. Dreams open the era of face pinching

After today’s maintenance, Fantasy Westward Journey launched the “Variety and Brightening” system at “Nishang Girl”. This system can not only replace the original face shape and skin color of the game character, but also arrange “flower tines” for the character. The more parts are used, the more immortal jade is consumed.

Judging from the actual effect, after using the face-lifting system, the character has indeed ushered in a leap in appearance. Although this function is more expensive, changing face and skin color is not a big problem for players who love beauty. I just don’t know how much value can be added to the character after using the Variety Rejuvenation System?

3. The Summoning Beast launch system is officially launched

In the past PK and tasks, many small partners have fallen into the embarrassing situation of being too late to change BB. For example, in the gang battle, some friends wanted to wash away the opposite side and pulled out the listening and instant method Xumi, but they were called after the battle, and the summoned beasts at the beginning became the listening and Xumi, which directly led to A wave of BB free gifts.

After the launch function is launched, this problem will be circumvented. Moreover, this change is also good for continuous battles. After all, most civilian players usually only have 2-3 summoned beasts, and they can use this function to deal with some situations that require continuous battles (such as the last game of the star disk artifact).

Fourth, the pocket team function is online

This maintenance also upgrades the pocket version of the game experience. After this maintenance, you can form a team (2≤team size≤5) to go to the gourd wizard in Baoxiang Country (126,61), choose the new “pocket team” function, and form a pocket version of the fixed team. After the “pocket team” is successfully bound, the team members will become fixed teammates in the pocket version of the team game.

When the leader of the “pocket team” completes the dungeon challenge, the team members will automatically consume the number of dungeons and obtain the corresponding dungeon gourd, which can be activated by consuming energy. It should be noted that the total number of “pocket team” should not exceed 5, the friendship between all team members and the captain should be ≥ 1000 points, and the difference in character level should not exceed 10.

After this function is launched, players with multiple openings can obtain “five times the progress of the dungeon” by only brushing the captain dungeon, and can easily win all kinds of dungeon challenges. It can be said that this wave is that Ma Ma no longer has to worry about my difficulty in upgrading!


In general, this week’s maintenance announcement is out of the “sect major change”, and the rest of the functions are also very good. The Variety Rejuvenation function satisfies the “face change requirements” of some players, the first summon beast setting function improves the experience of PK players, and the pocket team function provides convenience for “multi-player players” who want to level up, which is very conscientious. Maintenance once.