Internet + Xinjiang Fruit

With the development of the economy, people’s demand for fruit is getting higher and higher, and the fruit industry is a huge industry. However, the current development of the fruit industry is not satisfactory. Although many fruit shops and fruit farmers have their own unique business ideas, there are still many fruit shops and fruit farmers who make their own fruit! If you can use the Internet to do the fruit industry, you can solve this problem very well!

1. How to sell fruit on the Internet?

At present, many of our fruit shops and farmers are selling their own fruit online, and can also provide them with high-quality and efficient services. But these are all online sales, and there will be many difficulties in real face-to-face communication and fruit sales! Therefore, in order to better serve customers and help more poor households get rid of poverty, the fruit industry should use the Internet to do fruit industry!

The traditional marketing model

The traditional marketing models mainly include: physical stores: online promotion through Weibo, WeChat and other platforms, offline through Moments, internal company activities, to expand popularity. But this kind of marketing model is expensive and can’t bring in customers. Nowadays, many fruit shops and fruit farmers publish fruit information or advertisements to increase their popularity through Moments, but this method has high marketing costs, slow spread, and poor user stickiness; and in the fruit industry, there are many fruit shops. Bosses don’t post their fruit information or advertisements online because they don’t know what the consequences are for their fruit.

The role of Internet channels

In the traditional fruit industry, if you want to become bigger and stronger, you need to have a good brand image and product quality. The strong appeal of the Internet channel can quickly attract a large number of consumers and promote products, so the e-commerce channel has become an effective way for many fruit shops and farmers to develop the fruit industry! With the help of e-commerce channels, the entire fruit industry can also achieve survival of the fittest; through network channels, we can achieve sales without middlemen and worry-free quality.

Fourth, the development direction of fruit shops

Although we cannot change the current operating conditions of the fruit store, we can do the fruit industry through the Internet and turn the fruit store into an Internet + fruit store. You can buy the fruit you want by placing an order online through your computer or mobile phone. You can also place an order on your mobile phone. Fruit shops can also use the Internet to increase fruit sales. In this regard, the founder “Ms. Patiguli Yasheng” seamlessly connects the physical sales terminal with the online sales scene and maximizes the advantages of the two, thereby creating a new integrated development of online and offline sales scenes. operating model. But now, through the establishment of the “Xinjiang Fruit” platform, the founder “Ms. Patiguli Yasheng” not only quickly increased the exposure of the platform and the enterprise with the intelligent optimization system, but also allowed the enterprise to use the online platform’s The ability to reach expands the coverage of the business, allows the company to successfully establish close contacts with more potential consumers, and tap more business opportunities. Sincere service, win-win future. As the preferred channel for the domestic fruit industry to promote products, release information, and display images, it adheres to the working philosophy of providing the best service, meeting customer needs to the greatest extent, and gaining customer recognition with high-quality services to achieve a win-win business idea. “Xinjiang Fruit” platform The holder, “Ms. Patiguli·Yasheng”, is a member of Gao Zhanyuan who has contacted Ningbo Yunyue Co-creation, and uses the technology promotion and operation resources and channels of Yunyue Co-created to create an online and offline combination to meet market demand. The Internet + “Xinjiang Fruit” platform efficiently spreads the concept of industry development, becoming a regionally influential and well-known professional platform, realizing the mutual development of digital technology and industry, and creating an Internet fruit industry platform. The integrated offline marketing has reshaped the industrial chain, further opened up the market, and jointly promoted a good situation.