Intelligent Network Leading the Way to Build Dreams for Nine Days – The 2022 China Mobile Maker Marathon Intelligent Network Special Competition ends

On the afternoon of October 27th, the 2022 China Mobile Maker Marathon Smart Network Special Competition and the “Nine Days Cup” Artificial Intelligence Challenge Finals came to a successful conclusion.

This special competition is hosted by China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Design Institute, with technical support from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Intel (China) Co., Ltd., and the support of C114 cooperative media. Relying on China Mobile’s Jiutian artificial intelligence platform, the special competition aims to explore artificial intelligence scientific issues and key algorithms and technologies in communication networks, improve the application effect of artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent networks, and promote the integration and development of 5G and network intelligence industries. Ecological construction.

The topic of the competition is the identification and mining of hidden dangers of base stations. Since registration was launched on July 9, the special competition has attracted more than 100 participating teams from universities, enterprises and operators, producing unique achievements such as algorithm academic innovation and algorithm model optimization. In the final, General Manager Wang Xiaoyun of China Mobile Technology Department delivered a speech. Experts from China Mobile, Huawei and Intel brought wonderful speeches to share. The finalists conducted roadshows and defenses. They used big data and open source algorithms for deep learning and modeling in the competition. , great progress has been made in algorithm selection optimization and inductive identification accuracy, which has promoted difficult breakthroughs in algorithm implementation. The participating judges jointly selected the first, second and third prizes of this competition (see the attachment for the list of winners).

Wang Xiaoyun, general manager of China Mobile’s Technology Department, said: China Mobile attaches great importance to technology research and development and application in the field of intelligent networks, and has achieved initial results in application deployment, platform construction, and standard leadership. However, the industry is currently faced with problems such as non-uniform network intelligence technology system standards and insufficient research on core basic algorithms. These problems involve all aspects of the industrial chain, and it is necessary to gather forces from all parties to jointly tackle key problems. China Mobile has held four consecutive intelligent network special competitions to promote the linkage of production, academia and research, improve core basic algorithms, and cultivate talents in cross-network and AI fields. Part of the results of previous competitions have been applied in our system, which has played a good role in the demonstration of intelligent network innovation.

Network intelligence has become the current development consensus of the industry, but there is still a huge gap in related AI talents. Based on the needs of the industry, China Mobile has built and launched the Jiutian Bisheng practical training platform to comprehensively help AI talent training.

Attachment: list of winners

first prize

Panda Knows

second prize

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third prize

Zhiqi ZH, Zhiwang Worry-free, Tiny Tiny