Insiders explode the sky-high annual salary of the e-sports circle: five people in LPL earn more than 30 million per year!

Due to the rapid development of the e-sports industry and the influx of capital in recent years, the treatment of professional players has risen, especially when the news of a player’s transfer with an annual salary of up to 10 million yuan comes out, it always makes the audience stunned. However, because the LPL club and players have never disclosed the specific salary amount, the audience is also more curious about the income of the players. Although the transfer period has not yet begun, a well-known blogger in the e-sports circle recently broke some news about player transfers, and also talked about the inside story of the salary income of LPL players.

Recently, the 77th file of the e-sports circle broke the news of the transfer period. A netizen asked in the comment area whether Knight’s contract was a salary of 4500w for three years or one year, and he gave an answer of one year. Therefore, the topic of the annual salary of Knight’s left hand as high as 4500w has caused a heated discussion. And this figure was immediately questioned by netizens. After all, although the annual salary of tens of millions of LPL players seems to be no longer uncommon, the exaggerated figure of 4500w still makes the audience think that it is too outrageous.

With more and more voices of doubts, the blogger in the e-sports circle No. 77 also blogged about the salary of the players in the LPL division. First of all, he clarified that the price he said included the salary of the players, live broadcast contracts and other miscellaneous income plus According to him, there are almost 5 players with an annual income of more than 30 million in the LPL.

In the past, the LPL audience’s perception of the player’s maximum salary was still between 10 and 20 million. This time, I suddenly learned that the player’s highest annual income is more than 30 million, and there are five players who have reached this figure. Can’t help but say that poverty limits imagination. With the development of the LPL league, the annual salary and income of many players have also increased significantly. Compared with the e-sports players ten years ago, the treatment is much higher, and there are more guarantees for playing a career.

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