Inhuman: The witch returns, the stone lion has a new hairstyle, and Li Jing is doomed to go bald

In the 847th chapter of “Inhuman”, the witch returns to do the modeling for the two guests. After the stone lion was put on a new look, it was too fashionable to imagine. Li Jing came here because of his fame, and the witch once made him hair, but magic could not resist the power of genes, and Li Jing was destined to be bald.

The character of the witch is still quite popular, and many characters have new hairstyles because of her existence. After this return, it is also to arrange styling for new guests. It’s just that the hairstyles of these two guests are more difficult to get. The first guest was our old friend Stone Lion. Its body is made of stone, and if you want to change your hairstyle, you may have to have a little talent for carving.

The witch will ask the stone lion what hairstyle he wants, and the stone lion wants to change the simple style and put on a more fashionable hairstyle. It is true that the stone lion has been on the stage for so long, and it is the original appearance. It is rare to have the opportunity to change its image, so it must not be at the forefront of the trend. The witch will naturally satisfy the wish of the stone lion, so what does the shape look like?

Stone Lion is just one of many security guards, and he has to go back to the community for a haircut to stand guard. It’s just that as soon as the stone lion returns to the community, the expressions of its companions are a little different. So what exactly is the hairstyle, which makes the companions feel incredible. There is no doubt about the witch’s technology, it is beyond imagination every time.

The head of the stone lion lost its hair and was replaced with a small fountain. This style is really trendy, but this tide is a damp tide. The advanced idea of ​​the witch also brought a very different feeling to the audience. So what will the next customer look like? Please look down.

Everyone knows that Li Jing has been bald for many years. Although he has used countless fairy hair tonics, there is still no way to change the situation. In fact, the reason why Li Jing is like this has something to do with Nezha. Li Jing heard that there is a professional witch in the mortal world who can bring all kinds of hairstyles to customers, so he will come down to the mortal world to try it out.

Li Jing’s request is only one, that is, if you have hair, you can do any style. The witch showed her strong side, and Li Jing put on a very handsome hairstyle, and suddenly she was dozens of years younger. From a bad old man to a handsome uncle. Li Jing was very satisfied with the haircut this time. Li Jing wanted to come back to such a well-received shop.

But the good times didn’t last long, and the hair lasted on Li Jing’s head for a few minutes. Then it fell off again, and Li Jing became bald again. I feel that after becoming bald this time, the top of my head can reflect light. Li Jing was very helpless about such a result, and the witch never thought it would be like this. In the past, I have changed styles for customers, and each of them has been very successful.

This time, the witches didn’t do the same thing. Magic couldn’t resist the power of genes. Li Jing’s baldness was destined to happen. Li Jing’s biggest wish in this life is to have hair, just like Red Boy’s biggest wish in this life is to grow taller. For the impossible wish, Li Jing could only continue to go bald. But then again, Li Jing, who has hair, is qualified to become a new male god. If there is a chance to solve it, Li Jing may also appear often.