Infor Appoints Terry Smagh as Head of Asia Pacific and Japan

Infor today announced the appointment of Terry Smagh as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Infor Asia Pacific and Japan. Based in Singapore, Smagh will be responsible for driving Infor’s business growth and customer success in key markets including Australia and New Zealand, Greater China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and South Korea.

Infor Appoints Terry Smagh as Head of Asia Pacific and Japan

“Terry is a seasoned expert in the enterprise software market in the Asia Pacific region with over 20 years of international experience driving exponential revenue and market growth,” said Wolfgang Kobek, Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Business at Infor. “We are delighted to have him join Infor. , leading business development in the thriving and opportunity-filled Asia Pacific and Japan region. As companies in Asia continue to invest in technology, they are actively seeking to help companies improve business agility, efficiency, resilience and innovation quickly and at scale. Personal software. Terry is a passionate person with a long-term commitment to driving and delivering customer-centric excellence and I am confident that he will lead our team and customers to the next level and further strengthen Infor’s growth in Asia Pacific and Japan. .”

Smagh will bring deep industry expertise in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data analytics to Infor, with a proven track record of helping clients transform and grow their businesses across the region. Before joining Infor, he held senior leadership positions at companies including BlackLine, IBM and Qlik, where he was instrumental in driving the company’s revenue growth opportunities and improving profitability.

Smagh is a Singaporean with an in-depth understanding of local and regional market nuances and growth opportunities. He has spent most of his career in the area.

With an entrepreneurial background, Smagh is passionate about scaling businesses and developing leaders, believing that “with the right team, what’s next will follow”. Smagh said: “Our industry is people-centred, and I think leaders should have qualities like empathy, humility and respect for others. Leaders need to be able to develop and motivate high-performing teams, work together, thrive under pressure, and Enjoy every day at work. I believe that building a corporate culture and continually enhancing our overall customer engagement and experience will help us succeed and deliver on our promise. My goal in retaining and recruiting talent is simple – that is, we must Continue to pay attention to and meet the needs of employees to create the best working environment for employees.”

Smagh said: “Companies today are not limited to dealing with challenges such as economic recovery and uncertainty. Instead, they are doubling down on their efforts to aggressively invest in capabilities, technologies and skills to enable rapid growth in the new era of business. Cloud I will continue to play a key role in this. I am honored to be part of the Infor family, and I believe that with Infor’s industry-specific CloudSuite solutions, we will be well positioned to meet enterprise needs and accelerate the realization of greater value. This will be an increasingly important competitive advantage for businesses, and I look forward to working closely with my team to deliver this important advantage to our customers.”

Smagh will be responsible for leading the growth of the Infor team across multiple industries including industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, high technology, distribution and logistics in Asia Pacific and Japan.