Infiniti’s Nissan Skyline 370GT, the guy went to study but was poisoned by JDM

The Nissan Skyline 370GT , which is a sister car to the Infiniti G37 S, has the same bloodline as the Nissan 370Z, so you can see the shadow of the 370Z and GT-R in it. Such a car with good looks and performance, but not high-profile, I believe no one will resist, right? So, today I will share with you a 370GT built by Xiaoshi, a rider from Beijing.

“I have always liked the Infiniti G37 very much, but the domestic two-door version has a high threshold, and the Beijing brand is even more unaffordable, so I will not have the opportunity to own it until I go to study in Australia in February this year ! It took a long time to make an appointment to see the car, and finally I chose the former between the Nissan 370GT and the V8 sedan of the local brand Holden. ”    

“My eldest son is a Nissan Skyline 370 GT imported from Japan in 2007. Although the year is a bit old, the previous owner cherishes this car very much. It is maintained every 5,000 kilometers, and the whole car is painted in original.

“It was the first time for international students to buy a car with their own money abroad. From viewing the car, picking up the car, and changing the car, I was all alone . I still remember the scene where I was so happy that I jumped on the spot on the day I picked up the car!”

“Many car owners who own a two-door G37 in China will modify the appearance to a Japanese standard and put on the Nissan LOGO, but my 370 GT was pasted by the previous owner with the whole car’s Infiniti LOGO, even the central control clock. All replaced with Infiniti logos …”

“The first thing to do after buying the car is to take it to the license plate. You can customize the license plate number here, so I thought about picking a Skyline-related license plate, but many of them have already been occupied. It just so happens that the G37S is still available. If you choose the state, then just make it completely Infidelized!

“After getting the card, you can start working. In order to release the nature of this car, you must first open up its ‘Ren and Du two veins’ and replace it with a set of straight-through mid-tail exhaust, which is matched with the F5 Fujita cold inlet that the original owner replaced. Qi . Although only the middle and end sections have been changed, the sound is still very loud and recognizable, and friends are often caught by friends when they go out.”

“But the F5 Fujita air intake changed by the previous owner is the part that I am most dissatisfied with this car . Although the short air intake improves the low torque, the impact on power is mostly reversed, and it will be replaced as soon as possible in the future. replace.”

“Then I arranged a set of 19-inch Enkei GTC01 wheels . Although they became more handsome, they were equipped with 245 front and 275 rear tires, which sometimes made them unable to slide even if they wanted to.”

“In terms of appearance, I retained the bright black grille and small surrounds that the previous owner replaced. Later, I arranged a set of lightning headlights to make it look more aggressive.”

“Inside the interior, in addition to the Infiniti badges and watches that the previous owner replaced, I also added some carbon fiber overlays .”

“Although the interior of the original factory looks quite satisfactory, the Japanese version of this car is very interesting. There are different voices to greet the car owner in the morning, noon and evening.

“Everyone is the first to change it first, but because the original shock absorber is already quite low, so I didn’t think about moving it at first, but later I felt that it was a little bit meaningless to not change it, so I gave this car at the end. The car just got a set of Sliver’s 40-position adjustable coilovers.

“The Taiwanese boss who owns a thousand-horse S13 helped me adjust the height to the negative finger, and the posture is perfect! He is handsome, but he is too low to go home without going to the basement… Two weeks later Raised the car a little bit.”

“At present, the modification of this car is here, it’s simple. The most satisfying part of this car is the appearance. The paint finish of the whole car is quite perfect. It’s hard to believe that it is already 15 years old. , When chatting with car friends at the party, everyone will sigh at the luster of the car paint.”

“After owning this car, I found some organizations here. On average, I will participate in car gatherings and mountain running once a week . The car culture in Australia is stronger than that in China, and even many elderly aunts and uncles play with cars. .”

“Finally, this car will also clean up the details, and I hope that the S15 and GT-R dream can be realized as soon as possible in the fertile land of JDM in Australia!

Owner/Small Rock

Photography / Yubaba Car Photo