Independent innovation builds a solid foundation for the development of a strong network country

  A few days ago, Shi Guiqing, President of Tongyu Communications, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Securities Journal that, as the world’s leading provider of communications solutions, the company actively responds to the country’s strategic deployment of implementing a network powerhouse, always adheres to independent innovation of core technologies, and accelerates the promotion of new The independent research and development of a generation of high-performance base station antennas and other products has built a solid foundation for the development of a network powerhouse.

  ● Our reporter Wu Weihong

  Adhere to independent innovation of core technology

  The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to build a modern industrial system, insist on focusing on the real economy for economic development, promote new industrialization, and accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, a quality power, a aerospace power, a transportation power, a network power, and a digital China.

  Shi Guiqing said that accelerating the construction of a new generation of high-speed, mobile, secure, and ubiquitous information infrastructure is an important part of building a network powerhouse, and communication antennas are an important part of communication infrastructure. “Building a strong network country must firmly grasp the core technology. The company will adhere to the independent research and development and innovation of core technology, and strive to create key products such as high-performance communication antennas, so as to contribute more to the construction of a strong network country.”

  Tongyu Communication was established in 1996 and has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of communication antennas and radio frequency products for a long time. As early as 1994, Wu Zhonglin, chairman of the company, independently developed China’s first panel-shaped base station antenna, filling the gap in the domestic base station antenna field and breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign manufacturers. In the era of 3G and 4G, Tongyu Communication has continuously made breakthroughs in core technologies. After entering the 5G era, the company took the lead in launching the antenna filter integrated product (AFU) in the world, which solved the problems of multi-antenna electromagnetic compatibility, and was widely recognized by the world’s mainstream communication operators.

  After 26 years of continuous cultivation and accumulation, the company’s communication antenna core technology, product research and development, production scale and quality control have been in a leading position at home and abroad. Widely used in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. By the end of 2021, the company has obtained more than 800 patents in the field of radio frequency communication and optical modules, and has been awarded the titles of key high-tech enterprises of the National Torch Program, national high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, and innovative enterprises in Guangdong Province. It has been certified by system equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Ericsson, and many telecom operators such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Vodafone, and Telenor Group.

  Strategic layout of a new generation of communication antennas

  In Tongyu Communication’s view, technological innovation is not only the foundation of the company’s standing, but also the soul of the company’s sustainable development. Shi Guiqing said that the company has always adhered to the spirit of innovation and development, focused on cutting-edge technologies, and continuously achieved breakthroughs. In recent years, the company has been working hard in research and development to create world-class products through forward-looking strategic layout. Data shows that in recent years, the company has continued to increase investment in research and development, with annual research and development expenses accounting for about 8% of operating income. In the first three quarters of this year, the company invested more than 88 million yuan in research and development, a year-on-year increase of about 12.4%. “In the next step, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development and continuously improve its innovation capability and level.” Shi Guiqing said.

  According to reports, in the main business of communication antennas, Tongyu Communication has continued to increase technological innovation in recent years, and promoted the comprehensive upgrade of antenna products. “As early as two years ago, the company aimed at foreign high-end markets and strategically deployed a new generation of high-performance antenna products. In addition, the company also made early deployments in the field of millimeter-wave and 6G antennas.” Shi Guiqing said, more importantly, The new generation of high-performance antenna products are all developed and designed by the company, and the core technology is completely independent and controllable.

  According to the data, compared with traditional antennas, the new generation of high-performance antennas adopts a subversive new architecture design, which can not only significantly reduce costs and energy consumption, but also comprehensively improve antenna performance. In addition, due to the simplified structure and higher product quality stability and reliability, it can meet the long-term use requirements of customers, especially those in the high-end market, and the technology has reached the world’s leading level.

  Shi Guiqing said that the company’s new generation of high-performance antenna products have already been exported to overseas high-end customers. At present, the product type and manufacturing process are being gradually improved, and it is expected that the cost will be effectively reduced after mass production. The company will seize the historical opportunity for Chinese antenna companies to become the international leader, accelerate the expansion of high-end markets in Europe and other foreign countries, and lead domestic antennas to the world.

  Actively expand satellite communications and other fields

  In addition to the main business of communication antennas, in recent years, Tongyu Communication has also actively deployed in various fields such as satellite communication, millimeter wave, optical communication and new energy. It is expected to become an important growth point of the company’s performance in the future.

  According to reports, based on the microwave antenna business technology, the company continues to expand the millimeter wave and satellite communication business, and the related work is currently progressing steadily. In terms of millimeter wave business, some products have been supplied in batches. In terms of satellite communications, since this year, the company has invested in the research of phased array technology for satellite communications, continuously enhanced its core technical capabilities in the field of satellite communications, and gradually accumulated and reserved phased array technology. In the future, it will further expand related product types according to market demand.

  Tongyu Communication has continuously expanded and made positive progress in the field of new energy. At present, the company’s new energy business mainly includes intelligent power exchange cabinets and energy-saving systems for communication equipment rooms. In the future, we will further increase investment in research and development of PCS, metering cabinets and other products and actively expand the market. The company is also actively deploying photovoltaic energy-saving solutions for communication equipment rooms and site energy storage. At present, it has carried out pilot projects with cooperative units. The next step will be large-scale promotion in the western region, and it is expected to achieve large-scale application in the country next year.