incredible! “Made in Mianyang” Beidou civilian chip successfully developed

Recently, the Jiuzhou Beidou-3 navigation chip was successfully taped out at one time, and the relevant functional performance verification was completed. This marks a major technological breakthrough in the Beisan chip mainly developed by Jiuzhou Xingyi Company. Jiuzhou has a Beidou civilian chip with completely independent intellectual property rights, which will also strongly support the Jiuzhou Beidou industry to extend upstream, and civilian products enter the mainstream Beidou products application scenarios.

Beidou-3 navigation communication chip adopts 40nm low-power mainstream technology, has GNSS system-wide high-precision navigation and positioning functions, and can realize regional and global short message communication. , intelligent driving, surveying and mapping, emergency communications and other fields.

In the next step, the Jiuzhou Beisan chip R&D team will continue to improve the function and performance test of the chip to achieve a state of promotion; at the same time, it will continue to improve the level of high-precision positioning, carry out civilian terminal product planning based on independent chips, and start small-scale trial production of chips. It will make every effort to promote it in the fields of high-precision needs such as smart cars, robots, and safety emergency.