In the second round of the KPL selection competition, AG Super Play will lead the hero attack, EDGM and KSG may become strong

Hello everyone, in the whole World Cup selection, what everyone is most looking forward to is the competition in the KPL division. In fact, we all know that the competition on the KPL side is very fierce, and it is bound to be very exciting. Two teams directly advance to the main competition, four teams play the first round, and eight teams can only play the second round. Today we will tell you about the teams that entered the second round of trials. The points of these eight teams are not very high. If they want to break through in the melee, they also have to work harder. In addition to the current opponents, there are two teams that fell from the first round, so the whole second round is full of unknowns and expectations!

World Cup

AG Super Play will lead, hero Jiujing is back!

AG Super Play Club

Among the eight teams in this trial, two teams are the focus of attention, one of which is the AG Super Play Club. We all know that the AG Super Play Club has not appeared on the field for a long time, so everyone has great expectations for them. After this period of adjustment, everything is still unknown about the state of the AG Super Play Club. The other team is hero Jiujing. Hero Jiujing had an awakening in the summer split. After this period of adjustment, Jiuzhe will definitely strengthen hero Jiujing. What kind of performance the enhanced hero Jiujing will have, really makes people look forward to it!

RW Xia, DYG, TES may accompany you!


In fact, everyone can see that in the eight teams, the strength is also strong and weak. Among them, the three teams of RW, DYG and TES are typical weak teams. We all know that their previous performance has been bad, and the overall situation has shown a decline. Therefore, in this World Cup selection, these three teams may become cannon fodder, and it is unlikely that they will advance. Although they have been adjusted for a period of time, everyone has great expectations for them, but the problems of these teams are really not small, and it is difficult to completely solve them in a short period of time. And coming to the World Champions Cup trials, the competition is also very fierce. If they do not complete a complete transformation during this off-season, then it is really unlikely that they want to advance to the main game!

EDGM and KSG have a good momentum, and WE is expected to rise!


The remaining three teams are actually the strongest echelon in the second round of the World Cup trials. Both EDGM and KSG participated in the Challenger Cup, that is to say, after the playoffs, they have not been idle. Moreover, KSG has entered the quarterfinals, and the state is also good. Although EDGM was out of the group, their performance was also remarkable. Therefore, their two teams also have a very good chance in the World Cup!


WE has no chance to participate in the Challenger Cup, but for them, everyone also thinks that in this World Championship Cup, WE has a good chance. WE was also a team in Group S before. Although the state has declined, the background is still there. Coming to the World Championship Cup, WE is bound to make adjustments. Known as the little eStar, they also have strong strength. After awakening again, what kind of performance WE will have, let us wait and see!

World Cup Selection Teams

In this World Championship Cup selection, the second round of selection in the KPL division is also the top priority. Of the four teams in the first round, two can advance directly, and two will fall to the second round. The eight teams in the second round of their own have only one chance, and they will be eliminated directly if they do not have enough points. This is the last event of the entire 2022 and the last chance to fight for the title. And this time is a cup game. If you win the FMVP, you will have an exclusive custom skin. Therefore, every team wants to enter the World Cup. AG Chaowan will return strongly with hero Jiujing, and these two teams will stir up the turmoil in the entire arena. The strength of the three teams, RW Xia, DYG and TES, is relatively weak, so there is little hope of advancing, but you can rely on your own efforts to fight for yourself. EDGM, KSG and WE are very strong among the eight teams, and they are also very exciting! What do you think about this? Comments welcome.