In the next three years, more than 20 Zhiqing hybrid models will be launched, and the Raytheon electric hybrid will boost the Geely new energy brand to run up

Our reporter Yang Rangchen reported from Quartz Jing in Shanghai

A few days ago, Geely Automobile Group (hereinafter referred to as “Geely Automobile”) announced its September sales data. Geely’s passenger car sales reached 130,528 units in September, an increase of about 6% month-on-month and a year-on-year increase of about 26%. Specifically, the sales volume of Geely brand (including geometry) accounted for the bulk, reaching 101,533 units, an increase of about 5.8% month-on-month. The Shuangbin (Binrui, Binyue) family sold 24,889 units, of which the sales of Binyue have achieved a month-on-month increase for 5 consecutive months; the Emgrand family sold 22,924 units, while the “China Star” high-end series sold 22,769 units, with the cumulative sales exceeding 460,000 units Taiwan has become the main force of Geely’s 4.0 era brand. Lynk & Co sold 16,177 units in September, a month-on-month increase of about 7.1%.

Among them, Boyue L, which was launched this month, exceeded 9,000 orders within 10 days of the pre-sale. It is understood that the monthly sales of Raytheon electric hybrid series models including the Boyue L continue to exceed 10,000. In September this year, Geely Automobile’s new energy penetration rate has exceeded 30% for two consecutive months. Geely Auto said that the Boyue L will inject the ever-evolving “life force” into smart cars with world-class smart technology and hard-core standard equipment.

(Photo of Boyue L new car in a Geely 4S store in Pudong New Area, Shanghai / Yang Rangchen)

Sales continued to increase, creating a new era of intelligent hybrid drive with main electric drive

According to the data of the China Automobile Association, the sales volume of domestic plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles in September was 167,600 units, a year-on-year increase of 194%. From January to September, the sales volume of hybrid vehicles increased by 178% year-on-year and 17% month-on-month respectively. The year-on-year and month-on-month growth rate of vehicles is several times. Among them, the sales volume of Geely Raytheon electric hybrid models continued to exceed 10,000 in September this year, and plug-in hybrid models accounted for 16.7% of Geely Automobile’s new energy sales.

The continuous improvement of the new energy penetration rate of Geely Automobile is due to the Raytheon intelligent hybrid platform currently used by Geely Automobile. Relevant information shows that the platform covers a variety of power forms including HEV gasoline-electric hybrid, PHEV plug-in hybrid and REEV extended-range hybrid. Under the empowerment of this platform, related models can achieve thermal efficiency of nearly 45% and fuel saving rate of more than 40%. At the same time, the variable frequency hybrid electric drive 3DHT Pro technology is at the core, creating a new era of intelligent hybrid drive with main electric drive.

Since the launch of the Raytheon electric hybrid series at the end of March this year, the sales volume has exceeded 10,000 for several consecutive months, ranking among the mainstream brands of domestic hybrid models. A few days ago, the reporter learned from Geely Automobile that Geely Automobile’s new generation of “intelligent SUV innovator” Boyue L was officially launched. This time, a total of Raytheon Hybrid Hi·F, Drive-E series 2.0TD+7DCT, Geely Jinqing were launched. 1.5TD+7DCT and other 3 powertrains, a total of 6 models. Geely said that the Boyue L will be “highly equipped for entry”, helping users to easily enjoy the travel experience of a luxury brand high-end car.

In addition to being based on the CMA architecture, the Boyue L is also the first mass-produced car based on the “Vision Starburst” concept car, which adopts a new design concept of “Digital Symphony Technology Aesthetics”. In terms of configuration, the entire Boyue L series is equipped with Geely Galaxy OS Air version and L2-level intelligent driving assistance system. With the help of this intelligent driving assistance system, the vehicle can realize automatic driving from point A to point B in high-speed and elevated scenarios. drive. The system assists the human to drive, and the vehicle is automatically driven according to the navigation, and the human only performs the necessary supervision, and truly realizes the transformation of the driving subject from the human to the car. When overtaking large vehicles, jamming and other driving scenarios, it can automatically avoid and identify jamming vehicles in advance, and perform deceleration and avoidance.

In the next three years, there will be more than 20 models equipped with Raytheon Hybrid

The listing of Boyue L is just a microcosm of Geely Group’s development in smart energy and smart manufacturing.

At last year’s “Smart Geely 2025 – Geely Longwan Technology Gathering and Global Power Technology Brand Release” event, Geely Automobile CEO Gan Jiayue announced the mission and goal of the “Smart Geely 2025” strategy: to create a smart travel experience that exceeds user expectations , to build a technology-leading global auto company and become the most competitive and respected Chinese auto brand.

Relevant information shows that Geely Auto has four world-class modular architectures of CMA, BMA, SPA and Haohan (SEA), and has officially entered the era of frame construction vehicles. Among them, the CMA architecture has empowered brands including Volvo, Lynk & Co, Geely “China Star” and Boyue L, with more than 1.2 million users.

In addition to the intelligent architecture, Geely Group is currently the only automotive company in the world with full-stack self-developed satellite communication and positioning, high-precision maps and navigation, automotive chips and software and hardware.

Geely Auto said that in the future, it will use intelligent architecture as the new infrastructure, build an end-to-end self-research system and ecological alliance around chips, software operating systems, technical data and satellite networks, and drive users to experience continuous evolution in intelligent driving and intelligent cockpits. .

The “Smart Geely 2025” strategy also has three major systems: smart energy, smart manufacturing and smart services. In terms of the hybrid segment in the intelligent energy system, Gan Jiayue said: “In the next three years, there will be more than 20 models equipped with the Raytheon Hybrid, achieving the number one sales in the mainstream market segment of hybrid, and achieving ‘performance, “Intelligent, new energy” user’s comprehensive experience is the first, making users completely fall in love with “Thori Engine”.”

In addition to smart energy, Geely Auto has also made some achievements in the field of smart manufacturing. According to Geely Auto, at present, Geely Auto’s super smart black light factory can support up to 6 models of CMA and SEA, and can complete vehicle switching production in 1 minute. The manufacturing cycle realizes the “three zeros” green cycle of 0 waste water discharge, 0 waste landfill, and 0 harmful substance discharge.

“Every strategic transformation of Geely is full of challenges, and every challenge is a huge opportunity. Of course, behind every turnaround is our continuous foundation, continuous practice of internal strength, and our commitment to ‘technical innovation’ ‘Perseverance, anticipation and satisfaction of user experience, unswerving investment in research and development, these are the forces we formed later.” Geely Auto said.

(Editor: Quartz Jing, proofreading: Yan Jingning)