In the new issue of Huya Hot Rice Cooking, Ge Jingjing and others were invited to be guests to analyze the situation of the FNC team

Recently, the competition in the LPL division is also in full swing. On the 10.5th, the competition ushered in the PK result between the RNG team and the CFM team in the UL division. The strength of the RNG team crushed the CFM team and successfully entered the S12 World Championship group stage. The competition is going on here, and Huya on the other side has also started a new episode of the hot rice cooking show. This time, I invited Gesture, Crystal, and AJ as guests, and briefly reviewed the play-in situation and previewed the group stage situation.

The gestures of the invited guests and the crystals this time are both masters of rectification. When asked by ppt, how do you evaluate the respective states of the four teams that finally stood out in the first round of the play-in? All three first expressed their approval of DRX’s performance. Later, the EVI player was specially named, and the “high evaluation” of the first person in jpLOL and jp big fly was given.

Later, Gesture, Crystal and AJ analyzed the situation of the FNC group stage, and I have to say that the analysis is in place. In the team tour of the group stage, the first team in Group A, FNC, starts with the data panel. The attitude indicates that the data of FNC is basically the top of the league. Just after the gesture was finished, Crystal looked at the fixed makeup photo and discussed the membership changes with the two. Then he directly said: It should be the last one, let’s see if there is anyone who is better than him in Group A, he can only compare with others, and he can’t compare with strength.

It was really heart-wrenching to say a word, and then the gesture and AJ Ye agreed. The attitude also analyzed that the teams that can advance in the group stage are basically 6-0 and directly advanced. As far as your strength is, the group stage focuses on the competition, and he is the competition system for the competition. The next page is the data of the five FNC players in this division’s hexagram, crystal and attitude recognition AD. Both of them said that they looked okay, and then noticed the data of the assistant, why is the participation rate of the assistant’s posture so low?

Crystal answered his doubts directly, the strength of his teammates did not require him to do anything. Gesture asked him to sum up this statistic, and he won by simply inserting an eye? AJ asked: Did he die in a group? The doubts of these two people are really unexpected. Regarding the situation of the FNC team, the three of them said that they are a little bad. What do you think?