In the future, the combat bombing and precision attack of swarm drones will be an important mode and hunting method for the offense between major powers.

In the future, the combat bombing of swarm drones will be an important mode and means of hunting between major powers.

Zhou Yuanxi

Scholar of International Issues, Professor of Political Science, Disseminator of Traditional Culture, Creator of High-quality Military Field

The United States has developed a super swarm drone on a larger scale than ever before. The combat effectiveness of UAVs on the Ukrainian battlefield has been well known, especially the brilliant record achieved by the Turkish flag bearer tb2. Existing Iranian Saudi Arabia 136 tragic attack on Ukraine has achieved very great combat effect.

The United States is now investing a lot of money in the development of swarm drones, hoping to form a swarm combat effect by developing cheap drones. This is a new combat idea, which should be highly regarded.

In the past, in the research and development of UAVs, the United States paid special attention to the development of high-end UAVs. Let the drone fly higher, let the drone fly farther, and let the drone carry a larger bomb load. The United States can do it. However, the cost is extremely high and cannot be manufactured in large quantities. It cannot be used in large numbers on the battlefield. This greatly limits the combat effectiveness.

Now the United States has learned from Iran’s experience in manufacturing drones and has to develop a large number of low-cost swarm drones for use in the battlefield. Moreover, the attack of such swarm drones is not limited to dozens or hundreds. Instead, thousands, or even thousands, were dispatched at the same time. Make the enemy’s air defense system instantly lose the ability to parry. Even if the enemy has a strong air defense system, at most a few hundred drones can be shot down, and there will still be thousands of drones to make breakthroughs.

In this way, the attack on the enemy’s combat target will also produce amazing combat effects.

This is probably the inspiration obtained in the Russian-Ukrainian war. In the future combat mode, there will be a mode in which thousands of swarm drones attack at the same time.