In the California ballroom shooting, the Chinese boy bravely grabbed the gun and avoided a bigger shooting disaster

More details about the California shooting have emerged. In the California dance hall shooting, the Chinese boy bravely grabbed the gun and avoided a bigger shooting disaster.

Now more details about the California ballroom shooting have emerged. The Vietnamese gunman wanted to prevent his ex-wife from going to the ballroom to dance, so he went to the ballroom with a rifle to find his ex-wife. His original motive may have been to kill his ex-wife.

When he couldn’t find it, he shot people in the ballroom. Because he had learned to dance here and worked as a coach in the ballroom here. Therefore, he should be familiar with the people he shot and killed, and they may have bad feelings at ordinary times.

Because he has a suspicious personality, is prone to anger, and has no normal interactions with people. Apart from activities in the ballroom, there are no other friendships.

It is estimated that the ex-wife was not allowed to dance in the ballroom because he disliked the atmosphere of the ballroom or the dancers in the ballroom.

When he shot and killed 10 people in the first dance hall, killing 10 people, and a total of 20 people were killed and injured, he went to the second dance hall to look for his ex-wife.

As a result, before the crime was committed in the second dance hall, a 26-year-old owner of Chinese origin, Brandon Tsai, stepped forward and took away his rifle. In the ballroom video, there are scenes of two people fighting together.

Brandon Tsai, he stepped forward to grab the gun, just to prevent this man from shooting with a rifle. Now Brandon Tsai is a local hero in America. The local police department said that without his snatched gun, the situation may have been worse.

This 26-year-old Chinese man who grabbed a gun has also become the pride of the Chinese and the Chinese.