In the 7th anniversary event, which skin did players get? The three winning coupons have become the biggest injustice

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The recent period is the 7th anniversary event of the king. As an anniversary event, this event will definitely be more grand and interesting than ordinary events. The most important thing is that for many players, they will definitely be able to get a lot of props and skins for free. The official has really put a lot of thought into this anniversary event. During the event, everyone’s attention may be the opening of the skin. The skin event was officially launched on the 29th, so what skin did everyone draw?

There are players who drive to Miyamoto Musashi’s Ghost Sword Musashi. To be honest, this skin is quite good. Although the probability of Miyamoto Musashi appearing in the middle and low-end games is relatively low, the probability of Miyamoto Musashi appearing in the high-end games and above is still very high. This hero mainly depends on the operation. If he can play, he will definitely be very powerful. So this skin will definitely not suffer.

There are also players who have drawn Liu Bang’s Count Dracula, which is also a vampire. The hero Liu Bang has a very high probability of appearing in both high-end and low-end games. To be honest, this skin still looks pretty handsome. For Liu Bang of players also have this skin and will never suffer.

It must be this player who has the best luck. He directly drew Sun Ce’s cat and dog diary. The quality and feel of this skin can be said to be quite good, so some players are quite happy to have drawn this skin.

In addition, some netizens bluntly said, I thought I was only short of A Ke, but Liu Shan was offered. Of course, this is not the biggest grievance. If we want to say the biggest grievance, it must be the opening of three treasure hunt scrolls. It can only be said that my luck is not particularly good, but this activity is originally a free prostitution, no matter what it is offered, I will not lose.

So what skins did everyone open in this key event? Also welcome to leave a message in the comment area!