In order to know whether riding a spinning bike hurts my knees, I bought 2 of the hottest home spinning bikes on the market!

When it comes to home fitness equipment, everyone will first recommend treadmills and elliptical machines, but the spinning bike, which has always been the most popular in the gym, is uninterested.

The reason, many friends will say:

The more you ride a spinning bike, the thicker your legs become!

Riding a spinning bike is using your life to lose fat!

Boys are not suitable for spinning!

And we often see news like “Men ride a spinning bike to lose weight and wear out old knees”

So, for spinning bikes, my most soulful question? “Does spinning bikes with such a fat-reducing effect really hurt knees?”

After I really learned about spinning, I realized that although the men in the news caused elderly knees due to overtraining on spinning, in fact, squatting, kneeling, half-bend rotation and other postures and actions that easily damage the knee joint , and carrying heavy objects can put pressure on the knees. These are important reasons for aggravating the formation of senile knee.

However, improper posture does cause a lot of physical damage. For example, if your biceps femoris is not strong enough and does not participate in knee bending, then the force on the legs is very huge. In addition, many cool cycling movements in the gym will also make the spine leave the neutral position and perform various bending and twisting movements, which will cause great damage to the lumbar spine.

Therefore, today, Xiaoshuang will start with the daily use of spinning bikes, and bring you the experience of using two entry-level products of home spinning bikes with a thousand yuan level, and teach you how to use them normally and choose the products that suit you.

Today I will share with you these two models. Among them, Merrick’s Juying CC has a large flywheel of 7KG and is equipped with a skin-friendly seat cushion. The load-bearing capacity reaches 220KG, which is suitable for use by the whole family. This spinning bike also has a wealth of online fat-burning course resources. Different from ordinary spinning bikes, this bike can realize the intelligent linkage between the mobile APP and the bike, and automatically adjust the resistance. During the whole exercise process, the APP will follow the lessons in the course. The progress is self-adjusting without manual operation, which can be said to be a very novel and convenient practical function.

Because other versions of keep’s spinning bikes are priced above 2k, this one is the KEEP spinning bike mini version, a spinning bike designed by KEEP for female users. The price is also in the early 1k range. Less, more suitable for girls. Similar to Merrick, KEEP also provides a follow-up function. These two are the most popular styles at the moment. So which one is better to start with? Let’s take a look below~

What are the key points when buying a family spinning bike?

How to adjust resistance:

Xiao Shuang also likes cycling very much before, and has seen many cycling competitions and related works. In particular, I learned a lot of introductory knowledge from the Speedy Otaku. Cyclists are different in their proficiency. There are sprinters who are good at flat roads and those who are good at climbing. Generally speaking, aerobic exercise is mainly used in the flat road stage, which tests the endurance and cadence maintenance ability of the cyclists. In the mountain stage, you need to continuously pump the bike (standing riding) to resist gravity, and the continuous long uphill will quickly enter the anaerobic stage. Although a spinning bike does not have uphill and downhill like a bicycle, it can be achieved through the change of resistance. Resistance adjustment is mainly divided into magnetic control resistance adjustment and friction resistance adjustment.

Real cycling gradients are linear, and nothing jumps up like steps. To get a similar linear experience, the magnetic control resistance system + silent belt transmission system can simulate such a similar experience. In general, traditional spinning bikes require manual shifting. The more advanced spinning bikes that have been released at present can even realize automatic shifting of the APP, and can realize intelligent adjustment of resistance during follow-up training. The picture below is the picture of the automatic resistance adjustment function of Merrick’s home spinning bike Jueying CC that I want to share with you this time. It can be seen that the resistance in the APP and the resistance of the smart knob are synchronized. There is no need to adjust yourself during the course follow-up, the APP will automatically adjust the resistance according to the course progress. It is very convenient that the coach can teach remotely.

Different transmission modes bring different riding experiences:

Generally speaking, spinning bikes are divided into chain drive and belt drive. At present, the mainstream spinning bicycles are all belt-driven. No maintenance is required for long-term use, and the trouble of maintenance is eliminated. The chain drive is more like an ordinary bicycle, with a certain sense of riding reality. Relatively speaking, the belt drive is quieter. In terms of flywheel, it is divided into the design of internal gear and external gear. The flywheel with internal gear design is inside. The advantage is that it is small in size, but the disadvantage is that there is basically no inertia when riding. If the resistance is added, there will sometimes be a stuck phenomenon. When the resistance increases, the frustration will be more obvious.

Merrick Jueying CC is an external gear model

KEEP is an internal gear type.

Seat size and softness:

On the left is KEEP MINI, and on the right is Merrick Jueying CC. It can be seen that Merrick’s seat cushion is larger in size. In terms of softness, Merrick’s filling is also relatively full. Xiao Shuang bought the first home exercise bike almost ten years ago. At that time, the biggest disadvantage was that it was particularly hard on the buttocks. So later, it was equipped with a separate seat cushion. Generally speaking, the cushion is soft and spacious, which is more friendly for daily exercise at home.

The firmness of the pipe:

KEEP MINI on the left, Merrick Jueying CC on the right. It can be seen that Merrick’s tube is thicker in terms of footing. The tube is thicker and thicker, which can easily enhance the stability of the bike. The center of gravity is also closer to the ground.

Is height/distance adjustment convenient:

The adjustability of the spinning bike is still very important. A bicycle is a fitness equipment that needs to be adjusted in advance before exercising. Only when it is adjusted according to the individual’s height and arm length can you exercise comfortably. Otherwise, not only will the posture be awkward, but also the pressure on the joints of the body will be greater. Instead, it has the opposite effect. How to use a spinning bike? How to tune your bike? Let’s take a look at Xiaoshuang below. The correct adjustment method is the key to avoiding more and more injuries.

To adjust the seat height:

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to adjust the seat position to the position consistent with the height of the crotch. After adjusting to this position, you can sit down and try again,

After sitting. The knee is slightly bent.

Handlebar height adjustment:

For spinning bikes, it is slightly different from mountain bikes and road bikes. The handlebar height is slightly higher than the seat for a punch. You can try it yourself, and you will always find a suitable location.

In terms of height adjustment, the Merrick Jueying CC seat has an adjustable range of 9 gears. After adjustment, you can use the knob to lock it. The KEEP mini has 7 levels of adjustment, and is locked with a wrench-type lock after adjustment.

The height difference between the lowest and highest grades of the Merrick Jueying CC seat is 14.5cm, and the height difference between the lowest and highest grades of the handlebars is 14cm. Whether the seat and the handlebar are in the lowest gear or the highest grade, the height difference is always Basically less than 5cm;

The height difference between the lowest and highest grade of the KEEP mini seat is 18cm, the height difference between the lowest and highest grade of the handlebar is 8.5cm, and the height difference between the lowest and highest grade of the seat and handlebar is about 10cm.

Of course, these height differences can be solved in the later adjustment.

In addition, I found that the seat height after the adjustment of the lowest gear of keep is higher than that of Merrick, which is basically at my waist, which makes me, a small 160, less able to reach the ground after getting on the car. So little girls under 160 should pay attention!

Seat front and rear adjustment:

On traditional low-end bikes, many styles of saddles cannot be adjusted fore and aft. However, the relatively new high-end models can be adjusted. The adjusted seat can make people have a more comfortable exertion posture. It varies according to the individual’s height and wingspan. Adjust the seat position to better match the physical condition of the individual. It can be seen that both are knob-type adjustment methods. The adjustable range is large. It can meet the needs of most body types.

In terms of stability of use:

Spinning stability is very important. Merrick Jueying CC has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 110KG and a four-point support system of human mechanics, so you can ride with confidence. It is also very stable when riding standing up. Without hurting the knees, cycling with group exercises, you can also train your buttocks. The internal magnetic control resistance system + silent belt transmission system hardly feels any noise. The overall size is large, suitable for the whole family.

The overall stature of KEEP MINI is smaller. All kinds of pipes should also be thinner. The maximum load is 100KG, and the height range is 150~180cm.


Braking is different. Merrick is in the form of a red button.

KEEP is in the form of a red pedal.

Mobile Convenience:

The net weight of Merrick Jueying CC is 30KG, and the net weight of KEEP mini is 29KG. Both have rollers at the bottom corners of the front for easy movement. Although Merrick will be 1kg heavier than keep, Merrick’s rollers are larger and made of transparent material, and KEEP’s wheels are smaller. In terms of the thickness of the steel pipes of the two feet, Merrick’s is thicker.

In terms of resistance adjustment:

Merrick’s home spinning bike Jueying CC supports intelligent resistance adjustment by app, and automatically adjusts the app automatically following the course. The MERIT GO technology is used to link the intelligent resistance adjustment. During the follow-up course, the parameter changes such as the resistance used by the coach in the course are automatically synchronized in real time, and the hands are truly liberated.

In addition to using the APP to adjust, Merrick can also choose to use the shuttle knob to adjust the resistance. A total of 24 gears can be adjusted, and the flywheel is 7KG. Whether it is cadence, exercise time, and calorie consumption, it can be displayed on the screen, which is clear and easy to operate.

KEEP has 18 stages of resistance adjustment, and the flywheel is 6KG. It also has an intelligent resistance adjustment function.

Course follow-up:

Merrick uses the MERIT APP, which provides a live MERIT super fat burning course, online coaching, and the APP automatically controls the fuselage to adjust the resistance synchronously. Online competitive rankings make working out more fun. Follow-up state is more efficient, 15 minutes of super fat burning course is equivalent to half an hour of ordinary spinning.

The Merrick stand is wide and supports mobile phones, PADs and other devices. And there is also a one-click screen projection function, which is better for projecting on a large screen. In addition to follow-up courses, there are also outdoor scenes. Immersive exercise, real experience, you can ride all over the world without leaving home.

KEEP MINI also has a similar follow-up tutorial. You can follow along. However, after the actual trial, some courses do not display various linkage parameters synchronously like Merrick. Just some simple time progress. The degree of matching needs to be improved.

Spinning action:

Pay attention to the correct riding posture!

Although the spinning classroom in the gym is like a gym, the riding postures in it are full of tricks! For example: standing riding, sitting riding, twisting riding, single-leg riding… But these actions are actually dangerous.

There are four types of motions in spinning bikes: seated flat riding, seated climbing, standing flat riding, and standing climbing. These four types can be combined with different resistances and different speeds to produce a variety of training programs, and can also exercise muscles in different parts of the body.

Do a simple warm-up before use.

According to the position of the hand on the handlebar, and the different sitting and standing postures, it can be basically divided into four postures. The consumption and weight of the four postures are different, let’s take a look!

Sitting position flat riding: the hand is placed in the middle part of the handle, and the whole is a sitting position. The resistance is low, simulating the flat sections of the bike. Mainly aerobic. Good for warm-ups and light aerobic consumption. At this point the force required is less and the cadence is slower.

Seated climbing: put your hands on the front of the handlebars, and ride in a sitting position as a whole. Simulate the flat sprint of a real bike. It belongs to the process of flat road acceleration in cycling. This requires less force, but faster cadence.

Standing Flat Ride: Get your butt off the seat and ride in a standing position with your hands on the center of the handlebars. This posture is generally used when the resistance is large in real cycling. This is especially true for long uphill climbs that require a lot of effort to step on the pedals. When stepping on the pedal, the body also moves the center of gravity with the presser foot. Helps drive the bike with full body strength. At this time, the force required is larger and the cadence is slower.

Standing Climbing: Simulate the mountain acceleration action of a real bicycle, which is the most physically demanding one. Stronger mountain climbers can often continue to accelerate on such mountain sections to achieve continuous overtaking. At this time, the standing position is adopted, and the hand is placed on the front of the handle, showing a state of attachment. At this time, the resistance and cadence are both high values. Relatively speaking, it is one of the most active postures. Not only can you lose weight, but you can also exercise your legs and buttocks.

When standing, do not let your hands fly off the handlebars! This is the taboo of spinning bikes, absolutely not. Avoid accidental damage.


I believe that after reading my detailed introduction to the two types of spinning bikes, everyone has a certain understanding. Next, I won’t say much. For those friends who are still struggling, I will draw a key point to help you make a quick decision:

Appearance: Merrick Jueying CC and keep mini are mainly in white appearance, which can be well integrated into the scene at home, and will not take up too much space. Among them, Merrick Jueying CC is lighter in weight than keep. The mini weighs 1kg, so the volume of the keep mini will be slightly smaller. In comparison, it is very suitable for girls or small apartment spaces. If you have space in your home, then there is no problem.

In terms of stability: Merrick Jueying CC uses external gears, which are relatively large and have inertia when riding. Even under the condition of high resistance, the operation is relatively smooth. The keep mini uses internal gears, and the volume It is relatively small, and when the maximum resistance is adjusted, there will be a slight sense of frustration. Overall, Merrick’s Shadow CC performed better.

In terms of safety: the frame brackets of the overall body of the Merrick Jueying CC are relatively thick, which can ensure the stability of the riding, especially when riding standing up. Moreover, the movable pulley is also relatively small, which is inconvenient to move later.

In terms of applicability: the maximum load-bearing capacity of Merrick Jueying CC is 110kg, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of keep mini is 100kg, which can meet the needs of ordinary people. However, the distance between the keep mini seat and the handle is too short, which leads to the use of tall people. There will be limitations at times, and the minimum height of the seat is high, so that small girls can’t reach the ground, which leads to people who are too high or too low not using it. I hope this unreasonable design can be used in the later stage. Improve.

Seat comfort: The seat design of Merrick Jueying CC is fuller and softer, and it is thicker and thicker, which can completely fit the buttocks and is very comfortable when riding; the keep mini seat is designed to be narrow and long. Time riding does get a bit of a butt grind.

In terms of resistance adjustment: Merrick Jueying CC and keep mini use electric reluctance adjustment. Merrick Jueying CC provides 24-speed resistance adjustment, and keep mini 18-speed resistance adjustment, which can meet the normal needs of families, but if If you have more professional needs, Merrick Jueying CC can provide a better experience.

In terms of courses: both apps have a large number of follow-up courses and live courses. Although keep mini provides follow-up courses, it can only adjust resistance manually; and the intelligent resistance adjustment function of Merrick Jueying CC has always been his. The ace technology of Jia’s products can automatically synchronize the changes of parameters such as resistance used by the coach in the course in real time during the follow-up course, so as to achieve a more efficient exercise, which is super praised by Merrick Jueying CC!

In terms of price: At present, from the perspective of price, KEEPmini is 200 more expensive than Merrick Jueying CC. In terms of cost performance and body workmanship, I think Merrick Jueying CC is more cost-effective. In actual use, Merrick gave me a better experience!