In order to destroy the iPhone, these people are really working too hard…

When it comes to the iPhone 14 series, the first thing you might think of is Smart Island.

But beyond that, this year’s iPhone has a big upgrade.

That’s the “Crash Detection” feature.

This function will alert the user in time when a car accident occurs, and send location and help information.

But it is not triggered by a single collision.

Instead, it monitors sudden changes in motion and pressure, and uses data from sensors to determine whether the driver has been involved in an accident.

In response to this feature, some people have begun to revamp and try to stimulate this function.

There was an UP master at station B who simulated a fake car accident and successfully deceived the iPhone.

Of course, the process takes a lot of work.

He first accelerated to 140 km/h at full speed, then braked quickly.

At the same time, the mobile phone was thrown into the centrifuge bucket, and the popcorn machine was used to make a loud noise.

This completes the thrilling experiment.

And the bloggers on YouTube are even more hardcore.

To test this feature, a real car crash was created.

He strapped his phone to the headrest of the car seat.

And then through the remote control of the car, crash into other stationary cars.

The hood was still on an attempt and crashed into an accordion.

Really Exploding funds!

Of course, these collisions all successfully triggered crash detection.

Just when Brother Ji was about to applaud, he saw the following news.

Ah, is this just unintentionally inserting willows and willows to make a shade?

It is recommended that the two of you go on a roller coaster in a group.

Brother Ji recalled that as soon as the iPhone comes out with new functions and new features, many netizens will fix it.

Actively working as a wild test engineer for the iPhone.

I still remember when the iPhone X first came out, because of the addition of Face ID, many people thought about whether twins could understand each other’s phones.

The answer is naturally yes.

But this is understandable, after all, it is indeed two identical faces.

Here we can only sigh the power of genes.

It doesn’t make sense to let the twins test this function. How about using a “mask”?

A Vietnamese security company took the challenge.

They used a plaster-like material to 3D print a mask.

Successfully cracked the Face ID of iPhone X.

However, the machine brother has to say but.

The team still believes that facial recognition is more secure than fingerprint recognition.

For the average person, making a 3D mask is not an easy task.

Besides, who would go out of their way to crack, an ordinary person’s mobile phone?

Compared with functional testing, various netizens are more obsessed with testing the durability of iPhone hardware.

Beginning with the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone’s screen has used a super-ceramic panel, and officials have vigorously promoted that the drop resistance has been increased by 4 times.

Wild Test Engineer: Really? I do not believe.

So began to change tricks to the iPhone on the difficulty.

The first to appear is Xiaodao, the messy and vigorous swordsmanship, which is dazzling.

Not only the screen, but also the panel and middle frame enjoy this “sashimi” meal.

Unfortunately, the fruit will not dodge shake.

In the face of the “assassin” attack, he can only be scarred and helpless.

Maybe he thought the knife was not enough, so he switched to the hammer.

duang, duang, duang~

Look at it, I can see that my blood pressure is directly full!

Unsurprisingly, in the end, the phone was successfully dried to a black screen.

This time, Apple finally tasted the power of the “parent company” hammer.

These are just appetizers, and the rest is the main event.

For example, this netizen directly threw the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 down the spiral staircase and let them fall freely.

two! Second-rate!

The iPhone 14 Pro is in good shape, but the back of the iPhone 13 is a bit horrific.

Some netizens directly took the spark plug fragments and performed a trick of flying sand and stone.

Beat the iPhone 14 pro into a sieve.

Be aware of spark plug fragments, but they can also shatter the car glass.

Have Android manufacturers learned it? This is the real slap in the face of the iPhone.

Although the screen is spent, it can still be rescued, and the wild engineer is obviously not satisfied.

The damage of long-range casting is not high enough, and it has to be hundreds of millions of points of strength.

Then just let the mobile phone and the wheel face directly, and just roll the wheel on the iPhone screen.

As a result, the four iPhones in the experiment were all killed.

The family walked neatly.

The above experiments left at least a whole corpse, and the next high-energy operation directly smashed the iPhone to ashes.

I don’t know which little genius came up with the idea, but he threw the iPhone 14 pro into the wall breaker and stirred it.

In less than a while, a glass of fresh apple juice.

Oh no, it’s apple pomace.

The wall breaker also created a big hole, which can be said to have injured a thousand enemies and self-destructed 800.

The iPhone is barely a draw this time around.

In the end, the pile of stuff below came out.

Seeing this huge camera module always gives people a feeling of dying.

Some netizens opened their minds and came up with some “burning” operations.

The 1100-degree lava poured on the iPhone’s screen without frowning.

It can only be said that the explosion rate is very high, and the screen blew up on the spot, revealing the motherboard.

Since the pursuit of excitement, then follow through.

It’s just a sprinkle of water on it, it’s better to let the iPhone take a hot bath directly.

Once dropped, the apple becomes a “dragon fruit” in seconds.

Although the iPhone is waterproof, is your kind of “water” a bit unethical?

In the end, the apple burned so much that Cook didn’t even recognize it.

I used to see how steel is made. This old man is showing how the iPhone is made.

After reading these violent tests, Brother Ji just wanted to say, don’t send me your mobile phone.

I have to say that violent testing is quite popular in foreign machine circles.

A small iPhone not only has to go up the mountain of knives and the sea of ​​fire, but also carry the explosive pack.

It’s just like “The Life of the Disgusted iPhone”.

But here is a warm reminder: children don’t imitate!

Watching other people’s fancy abuse of machines, some people will feel that their hearts are bleeding, and some people will feel very relieved.

Brother Ji believes that there is no mobile phone in reality that can withstand such a toss, so the test results have no reference value.

Maybe the wild test engineers just want to create a source of happiness for everyone.

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