In order to clear inventory, new and old models are slashing prices

Every year during Double Eleven, mobile phone manufacturers will launch a batch of new phones to stimulate demand, and hit the sales list by the way. This year is no exception. Mobile phones equipped with Dimensity 9000+ and Dimensity 1080 will appear at this time, and in many Gears have the potential to be a hit.

Obviously, in the last sales quarter of this year, which is another important shopping festival such as Double Eleven, manufacturers have resorted to two major means of reducing the price of old models and more sincere new products, and strive to deliver more beautiful transcripts. We have carefully selected the following models that are more recommended.

iQOO Neo7

Reference price: 2799 yuan (8+256GB)

The positioning of the iQOO Neo7 for the Double Eleven promotion is also clear at a glance. From the configuration point of view, the Dimensity 9000+, 50-megapixel IMX766V main camera, 120W fast charge, and E5 material screen are approximately equal to the mid-range configuration of the flagship phone. s price. The actual measurement shows that the CPU performance of the iQOO Neo7’s Dimensity 9000+ is faster than that of the Snapdragon 8 used in the previous generation, and is slightly higher than that of the Snapdragon 8+. “Original God” Xumi City ran for 30 minutes, running at 60 frames throughout, running smoothly, and the overall game performance experience was also flagship. The first launch of the machine is the Double Eleven promotion, especially the 8GB+256GB version of 2799 yuan, which is the most cost-effective among several versions.

iPhone 14 Plus

Reference price: 6099 yuan (128GB)

The iPhone 14 Plus was not born for Double 11, but its price has been falling all the way, but it is quite a double 11 dark horse. For example, the channel price of the 512GB version has dropped by 1,500 yuan to about 8,099 yuan, and the 128GB channel price is about 6,099 yuan. It is possible to start at the channel price or the price after the double 11 platform subsidized, and it is not recommended to start at the official retail price. The machine itself does have the problem of too few upgrades, but compared with the iPhone 13/14, its significance is to greatly reduce the threshold for the large-screen iPhone, larger screen, higher heat dissipation efficiency, longer battery life, daily life. The user and gaming experience is also stronger than the iPhone 13/14.

Redmi K50 Extreme Edition

Reference price: 2499 yuan (8+128GB)

Buy Snapdragon 8+ for less than 2,500 yuan? That’s right, this is the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition after a crazy reduction of 500 yuan. In terms of performance, a “Rage Mode” has been added this time. After testing, the average frame rate of “Genshin Impact” will increase to more than 59 frames, which is as stable as a straight line. In terms of other experiences, the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition also returned to the long-lost under-screen fingerprint, and at the same time “created” a new word: “1.5K screen”, the PPI is higher than the general 1080P screen, and the screen is sufficient when displaying some web fonts. Clear and sharp. The main camera has also been replaced by Samsung’s 100-megapixel HM6, as well as 120W wired fast charge + 5000mAh battery, dual speakers, linear motor, infrared… It should be a decline. This is the real value for money.

OnePlus Ace Pro

Reference price: 3999 yuan (16+512GB)

If you like mobile phones with large memory, don’t miss the OnePlus Ace Pro. Even during the Double Eleven promotion, it is still a rare 512 large memory mobile phone within 4,000 yuan. Like other Snapdragon 8+ flagships that focus on gaming experience, it also has the performance combination of LPDDR5+UFS3.1, super 100W fast charging, and good appearance and camera performance. For game optimization, OnePlus Ace Pro has also put more effort into it. For example: joint debugging and optimization of “Genshin Impact” version 3.0 in advance; better adaptation to the Unity game engine, etc. In addition to the 512GB version, you can also choose 16+256GB, priced at 3,499 yuan, and larger memory at the same price, which is a highlight of the OnePlus Ace Pro.

Real me Q5 Pro

Reference price: 1599 yuan (8+128GB)

Don’t look down on the thousand yuan machine anymore, you can buy the Snapdragon 870 for about 1500 yuan. Zhenwo has not launched a new phone so far, but sent old models of various gears to participate in the big promotion. With the leapfrog configuration, Zhenwo Q5 Pro can still fight. The machine is equipped with Samsung E4 screen, screen fingerprint, and 80W fast charge, which are all differentiated advantages. In terms of gaming experience, it is equipped with a 4192mm² liquid-cooled VC heat dissipation, which can catch up with the Snapdragon 8 flagship. It has been tested to play the highest quality “Genshin Impact” without frame lock, and gamers can also choose boldly. At present, the 8+128GB version is only 1599 yuan, which makes this Snapdragon 870 phone more worthy of recommendation.