In one Spring Festival stall, Deng Chao was “returned to his original form”! When he dreamed back at midnight, did he ever regret it?

The notorious Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has a particularly “sober” awareness of his identity as an actor.

“I have never mentioned a word about my life. This is not to pretend to be mysterious. It’s just that the less you know about an actor himself, the better it is for you to believe that he is the character on the screen.”

Notorious, but still knows how to protect the wings of actors. But some people are stubborn.

The well-known actor Deng Chao stumbled and suffered in this regard.

In normal times, he is actively active on the reality show stage and hot searches on social media, and the most important thing he lacks is exposure.

At the same time, the actor’s “mystery” has long been squandered by Deng Chao.

And the backlash came “just right”. One Spring Festival stall, he was “beaten back to his original shape”.

The new work “Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack” directed and acted by Deng Chao has only been released for two days. Due to the unsatisfactory box office, it was announced that it was urgently withdrawn.

At the beginning of its release, half of the entertainment industry was attracted to promote his new film.

But in the face of word-of-mouth losing step by step, any “little trick” is pale and powerless.

Disappointment never happens overnight, and some viewers are no longer willing to believe it.

When I dreamed back at midnight, I wonder if he regretted it?

Won the Spring Festival Gala stage, but lost the Spring Festival stall

This year’s Spring Festival Gala, Deng Chao, who was on stage for the second time, was still in high spirits, with a bit too much energy.

Although Sun Li had already told him to “keep calm”, seeing the picture of him moving like a rabbit on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, it was obvious that he ignored his wife’s entrustment.

Last year, Deng Chao debuted on the serious stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and his slightly funny performance revealed the joy of variety shows.

Accidentally came out of the screen, and the camera couldn’t capture his chic figure for a while.

The clips of the performance were even regarded as a model of “social cow syndrome”, and they were spread as emoticons for a while.

With these two “stunning” appearances on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, netizens couldn’t help but want to turn Deng Chao’s singing and dancing program into a repertoire of the Spring Festival Gala.

The mulberry elm is gained, and the east corner is lost. Deng Chao, who was quite popular on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, encountered a cold in the Spring Festival movie.

I have to say that this year’s Spring Festival stalls are really a “fairy fight”.

Seven blockbuster films, including “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Man Jianghong”, “No Name”, “Exchanging Life” and “Deep Sea”, have been released one after another. It is also destined that the Spring Festival will be a smoky melee.

“The Wandering Earth 2”, which was the most popular before, was overtaken by Zhang Yimou’s more down-to-earth “Man Jiang Hong”.

“Bear Infested: Stay with me “Bear Core”” and “No Name” with a luxurious lineup, ranked third and fourth in the Spring Festival file.

The box office performance of “Exchange Lives” and “Deep Sea” should be repeated.

During the first and second days of the Lunar New Year, the direction of the Spring Festival stalls has basically been settled.

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Deng Chao entered the game with his ill-fated “Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack”.

At the premiere, Deng Chao choked up several times and bluntly said “the pressure is very high”.

Another director, Yu Baimei, who is also a loyal brother of Deng Chao, also frequently staged the scene of “macho men shedding tears”.

Deng Chao, who is used to a hippie smile, was rarely serious for a while. He thought he would be a spoiler, but he didn’t make any waves.

Even before the film was released, it was rejected by many viewers in advance.

The box office of “Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Strikes Back” was 30 million on the first day of its release, but dropped to 10 million on the second day.

Became the most down-and-out member of the Spring Festival show, and when he was so down-and-out that it was released for two days, he announced the emergency withdrawal of the show.

The Spring Festival stalls are like a cruel gamble, and Deng Chao is undoubtedly the one who lost the bet.

Aside from the turbulence of capital and the undercurrents under the table.

In fact, the disappointment of the audience has never been achieved overnight.

The “Ten Billion Film King” who strode back

There is a joke that Huang Xiaoming will reward himself with a domineering president for every two dramas he makes.

When it comes to Deng Chao, every time he plays a work, he will reward himself with a comedy or a reality show.

Previously, Deng Chao frequently appeared on variety shows, so many people have forgotten that he is still a powerful actor.

What everyone remembers more is the comedian who naively shouted “We are tired of logging” in Running Man.

Even on a serious stage like the Spring Festival Gala, he was filled with a strong sense of joy.

Funny, wacky, and funny have almost become labels that Deng Chao can’t tear off.

However, don’t forget that Deng Chao is also a genuine “ten billion box office actor”.

In April 2019, as the box office of the movie “Galaxy Tutorial” he starred in reached 870 million yuan, Deng Chao’s accumulative total box office of participating movies exceeded 10 billion. He became the fourth actor in the Chinese film industry to enter the “Ten Billion Box Office Club” actor.

Back then, the media used to call him “Ten Billion Movie King”.

Wu Jing, Shen Teng and Huang Bo reached the “100 small goals” faster than Deng Chao.

But now, 4 years have passed, Wu Jing, Shen Teng and Huang Bo are still firmly “occupying” the top row of the filmmakers’ box office rankings.

Deng Chao, who used to be ranked fourth, has slipped from the fourth place to the top ten.

In front of him, there are not only powerful actors such as Zhang Hanyu, Wang Baoqiang, and Zhang Yi, but also rising stars such as Liu Haoran and Yi Yangqianxi.

Sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat, and Deng Chao will take a big step back.

The last work that was seriously performed was the “Assorted Platter” movie “My Hometown and Me” in the National Day file in 2020. He and Yu Baimei co-directed one of the units “Road to Homecoming”.

Counting forward, it was “Galaxy Tutorial” directed by him in 2019, which was also a big hit at the box office, helping Deng Chao become the fourth actor in Chinese film history with a movie box office of more than 10 billion.

This is not surprising at all.

If Huang Xiaoming’s obsession is to become a domineering president, then Deng Chao’s obsession is to become a “comedian”.

But now it seems that this road may be a bit off.

Deng Chao’s “comedy dream” has a long history

When applying for the Chinese Opera, 19-year-old Deng Chao generously imitated Andy Lau and others to sing.

He also performed a funny “exclusive dance”, which amused the judges and onlookers present.

After successfully entering the Chinese opera, he did not forget his comedy “talent”.

Graduation drama is an indispensable life stop for every Chinese opera student, and students often show their best stage performance at this time.

Deng Chao chose to play an out-of-the-ordinary “funny girl” in the graduation drama “Cuihua, Serve Sauerkraut”.

He wears long braids, a dignified black turtleneck sleeveless shirt and a linen skirt. He looks like a literary and artistic young woman, but it looks extraordinarily funny on him.

Squeezing her delicate orchid fingers, twisting her fine steps, she said her lines while making exaggerated expressions, which contrasted sharply with her muscular arms and dark complexion.

In this graduation drama, Deng Chao completely let himself go, playing three comedy roles in a row.

In traditional Chinese opera, comedy characters are called “clowns”. Being funny is often inseparable from being ugly. Being able to play “clowns” is a rare breakthrough for young actors.

Do not shoot comedy, excellent blowout

The roles that opened the door and paved the way for Deng Chao’s career have nothing to do with comedy roles.

In “The Young Emperor”, Deng Chao played Shunzhi, which was a great success.

He brought out the ambition and youthful spirit of the young emperor to the fullest. From this drama, he has almost become a “professional emperor” and “professional overlord”.

Seeing that his career is booming, Deng Chao has encountered some troubles in his family life.

His sister, father, and mother fell ill one after another, and Deng Chao began to live in the hospital and on the set.

Perhaps for the sake of making a living, at this time he also failed to take on some comedy roles, but continued to take on filming. This period was almost a blowout period for his works.

“No. 1 in the World”, “Youth Bao Qingtian 3” and “Sweet Honey” are also works of this period.

In 2005, Deng Chao met Sun Li while filming “Happiness is Like a Flower”.

The existence of Sun Li was also one of the reassurances for Deng Chao to let himself go on the road of comedy.

Deng Chao’s first try on the big screen took place in 2007. At that time, there was still a little chain of contempt in the film and television industry. Movies were considered to be a more elegant art than TV dramas, and the threshold for becoming a movie actor was much higher than that of TV drama actors.

In “Assembly Number” directed by Feng Xiaogang, Deng Chao played the second male lead, Zhao Erdou, a young and promising military officer.

In the play, the scene where Deng Chao sat in the barracks eating pancakes and met Gu Zidi played by Zhang Hanyu for the first time is also known as a classic scene.

Deng Chao won the “Most Stylish Actor Award at the MTV Super Festival” for this play.

Deng Chao, who moved to the film industry, won a lot of applause, and subsequently starred in “Di Renjie: Tongtian Empire” and “Chinese Partner”.

Although there are mixed reputations, people can still see Deng Chao’s artistic expression as a mature actor-as an actor, he has to play whoever he plays.

“Comedian” who deviates from the painting style

The success of the sledgehammer test gave Deng Chao enough confidence, and he picked up his comedy dream again.

The collapse of the filmmaker Deng Chao also began with his first comedy film “The Breakup Master”, which he directed and acted in.

The follow-up “Villain Angel” even confirmed that the combination of “Deng Chao + Yu Baimei” is almost equal to a comedy disaster.

The vulgar and exaggerated plots and the performances pretending to be crazy are really hard to connect with comedy.

This comedy movie, which is like “Crazy and Silly Duo”, relied on the good reputation accumulated by Deng Chao and Sun Li for many years, and got a good score of 4.3 points on Douban.

It is very difficult to make people happy from the bottom of their hearts, but Deng Chao insisted on making comedies, and the final result was to scratch people’s armpits and make people laugh.

Many people have asked Deng Chao why he insists on cooperating with Yu Baimei.

He said: “Because there is no way, we just share the same taste.”

Almost every movie directed by Deng Chao has Yu Baimei, such as “Galaxy Tutorial”, and “Road to Homecoming”.

Until 2106, Zhou Xingchi, the true comedy master, made a move and gave Deng Chao a hand on his path as a comedian.

In “The Mermaid” directed by Stephen Chow, Deng Chao played the role of a self-made rich man, contributing a lot of funny plots to the film.

What is commendable is that Deng Chao retained his unique comedy style in front of Zhou Xingchi, who has a strong personal style, and supported this role.

In 2017, Deng Chao won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor for his role as Xin Xiaofeng in “Scorching Sun”. Even though he doesn’t act in comedy, he is still the king of acting.

When Xin Xiaofeng was about to die, he dealt with the fear and tension of death.

Deng Chao grasped the successive gasps and uncontrollable breathing just right.

So much so that the audience asked their souls: He is so good at acting, why should he act in comedy?

Maybe I found that my comedy movies can’t go on this road, or maybe I need to practice the comedy line in practice in order to give the movie more comedy inspiration.

Powerful actor Deng Chao gradually stopped filming so many scenes, and even posted on Weibo saying that he would take a break from filming and become a full-time father.

Reality show stage, “killing” him over and over again

Perhaps it is true, as netizens said, only the most serious words can be said with the most joking tone.

Deng Chao puts the focus of his work on funny variety shows, and strives to become a comedy variety show.

In 2019, Deng Chao announced his withdrawal from the eighth season of Running Man through Weibo. This Weibo received tens of thousands of likes in a short period of time, and countless netizens applauded it.

At that time, the most commented by netizens on Deng Chao’s choice was to stop losses in time.

Variety shows can of course bring super high attention and popularity, and these attentions can be converted into box office or income with more practical value, allowing artists to get more opportunities to perform.

However, for Deng Chao, who has long been a household name, in addition to the high economic benefits, what variety shows have brought him is more of a reaction.

The Changshou Variety Show Running Man, which has been broadcast for several years in a row, has changed the image of Deng Chao from a serious and profound young emperor to a middle-aged uncle who is entertaining and playing tricks.

As a result, when the audience saw Deng Chao’s performance in the theater, they couldn’t help but think of him in Running Man.

In “Shadow” directed by Zhang Yimou, Deng Chao has excellent acting skills and plays two roles, playing the shadow stand-in Jingzhou and the governor Ziyu respectively. But when the plot comes to him and Zheng Kai acting opposite each other, the audience can’t help but think of the two The scene of tearing up the name tag.

I thought that Deng Chao, who left the running man, was abandoning the dark and turning to the bright, but in fact, he has decided to go all the way to the dark.

Not long after, Deng Chao officially announced his new variety show “Hahahahaha”, and invited the old running men’s partners Lu Han and Chen He over again. A variety show that is not a running man but is better than a running man was born.

In the new variety show, Deng Chao continued his previous style – tickling people and making them laugh.

In the end, the results of the two seasons of “Hahahahaha” were not satisfactory, and the Douban score hovered between 5-6 points.

Even when the men’s team talent show “Creation Camp 2021” was launched, Deng Chao, who couldn’t hold back his comedy talent, joined the show and became the leader of the founder team and the mentor of the contestants.

Deng Chao, it’s time to be more careful!

Chen Kexin, who has worked with Deng Chao many times, once said that Deng Chao’s personality is very similar to Meng Xiaojun, one of the protagonists in “Chinese Partner”, “stubborn, loves to die, and is very tight”.

It is very difficult for a stubborn person like him to do comedy. If he pursues perfection too much, he will lose the natural nature of comedy.

In fact, Deng Chao, who “pretending to be crazy and acting stupid”, would be a good actor if he abandons comedy and variety shows.

But the reality show overwhelmed the audience’s sense of mystery about his portrayal of characters, and all kinds of bad comedies became the commentary of fans’ disappointment with him time and time again.

In the past artist growth roadmap, from a supporting role to a leading role, from a TV series to a movie, is the way for an artist to continuously improve his career.

For example, Zhu Yilong, who has become popular in the acting school in recent years, has acted conscientiously for ten years. After becoming famous, he openly expressed his wish to the media, that is, he wants to act in movies and see more good movie scripts.

And “variety cafes” have always been at the bottom of the chain of contempt for domestic entertainment.

In the classification of celebrities, there are singers, performers, and hosts, but there has never been a classification reserved for “variety artists”.

Therefore, in the introductions of many variety show cafes, they can only say that they are actors, hosts, and singers.

Even if they have acted in dozens of variety shows, a drama or a song.

Even in the winner-takes-all year, excellence is still the golden sign of an actor, but fame is not.

Celebrities regard variety shows as their masterpieces, just like walking on the red carpet without their works, they will be despised.

As the saying goes, you will learn a lot from what you eat.

Deng Chao, who was beaten back to his original form, should also wake up.