In love, pay attention to the three constellations that keep a distance, don’t get too close, so as to make the relationship last longer

In the world of love, some people like to be together every day and enjoy the sweetness of love, while some people like to get too close. Only a proper distance can make the relationship more stable and sustainable.


Sagittarius is free, and even in a relationship, they need each other’s private space. If the other party sticks too tightly, they will be tired and overwhelmed. For them, as long as they keep a proper distance, the relationship is always fresh, which is conducive to the continuation of love.


Geminis pursue intense love, and excessive possessiveness will bring them a strong sense of oppression and anxiety, and they need independent space. Two people’s hearts are imprinted, as long as they have each other in their hearts, they will not be forced, uncontrolled, or interfere in each other’s private affairs in life, and their relationship will be more comfortable.


If you want to be in love with Aquarius, always stick to him, keep zero distance from him, explore all the secrets in him, and make the relationship more transparent and sweet, then it will definitely backfire. Relationships don’t last long. The best way to get along with them is to keep a distance from each other and not worry about each other. However, if the two are in love, even if they cannot be together, the heart of Aquarius will not leave.