In-depth analysis: Tuff puppet, really the most useless Minecraft 1.20 poll?

As the protagonist of the last new creature vote, Tuff Golem has received a flood of negative reviews after it was released! Such as “the worst creature ever!” “Tufa puppets are extremely stupid” and so on, so today we will talk seriously, are tuff puppets really useless?


Why do most people think “tuff puppets” are useless?

First of all, Mojang’s detailed description of new creatures is actually unfair. You will clearly feel the number of features and the level of detail of the creature introduction is “Sniffer > Mischief > Tuff Golem”!

①Sniffers from the “extinct” biological background, where to look for eggs, how to hatch, how to reproduce, what they look like in adulthood, looking for seed characteristics, and even new plants told us.

②Naughty ghosts are generated from the relics, with hide-and-seek features. After being caught three times, they will be rewarded. Part of the reward is displayed to the player one by one.

③What did the tuff puppet do? Mojang only said one thing, that he would walk around with a thing in his hand. I believe this is the only feature that many people can think of about it.

It’s also a very short introduction, and the tuff puppet in “Minecraft” can be said to have suffered the unfair treatment of Mojang. For the receiver of information, the most intuitive introduction can save a lot of thinking time, but in the fast-paced Internet age, many people have lost their thinking and mining of deep-level information.


Mojang is also aware of this problem!

In the fifth video about the new creature voting, which was just released, Mojang seemed to sense the obvious new creature bias from the community. Therefore, the output of the characteristics of the “tuff golem” has been increased.

Agens & Jeb: “A tuff golem, a piece of art that wakes up, it picks up items, and when it turns back into a statue, it goes to where you put it.”

Jens’ latest revelation is not unremarkable, it’s just a thunderbolt! You can even directly change the wind direction of the tuff puppet! If you don’t believe me, let’s analyze the tuff puppet carefully.


Real play of tuff puppets!

1. Synthetic method to guide exploration;

The synthesis of tuff puppets must be inseparable from tuff! Since then, the spring of the waste rock of “Minecraft” has come, and the block of tuff in Minecraft will only exist in the deepest part of the ground, which almost requires players to directly explore the ground. Of course, its added value is to guide players to find the ancient city. such relics.

Guiding the player to go underground, and guiding the player to go underwater, my personal preference is of course that going underground is more meaningful.

2. Petrochemical and display:

Although Mojang didn’t talk about it in detail, a new tuff golem appears to be in a petrified state when it’s created. Another function of petrification is to display an item of the player. In theory, this item can be retrieved by the player at any time.

At the same time, the tuff puppet, as a kind of ancient “terracotta warriors”, is integrated with the building and becomes a part of it. This historical worldview is definitely on the same level as the “sniffers”. We even have reason to wonder if Mojang will allow tuff golems to appear in a ruin in the future.

3. Electricity generation:

Jeb’s last words “it can pick up items, then go back to the original position, and become a statue.” Jeb explains how the tuff golem works, how it petrifies and thaws. Let me simply translate this feature:

When a petrified tuff puppet drops objects within a certain range, it will detect and release the petrified state, walk to the drop, pick it up, and return to its original position to re-enter the petrified state. At present, drops are not only dropped by players, but also dropped by other creatures.

Electricity, this is electricity! An automatic door opened by a robot under a brand new mechanism? A brand new item sorting mechanism? Or create a mausoleum-like building where tens of thousands of terracotta warriors are collectively resurrected?

All in all, the value of tuff puppets is not only in the meaning of architectural art. Compared with fun, isn’t it more fragrant than a “thousand-year-old eighth”? Seriously, if you take a closer look, are sniffers the least innovative creatures?