In addition to moving bricks to make money, these ways of playing can also allow you to enjoy the fantasy westward journey

Apart from dungeons, events and catching ghosts, what motivates you to open Fantasy Westward Journey? Some people say that they want to watch the latest update of the plot, some people say that it is to get a title for the Qiankun Pan Contest, and some people say that it is to bring the achievements to a higher point so that they can change their favorite decorations. Now, let’s give you a set of the three current mainstream “casual gameplay”!

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1. The plot party who is keen on “chasing dramas”

The plot is the driving force for the development of Fantasy Westward Journey. Since the public beta, Fantasy Westward Journey has always adhered to the principle of “high quality”, and the quality of the plot and the game content related to the plot have gradually become more abundant. For example, the expansion pack of “Break the Tank”, which was launched a few days ago, attracted a large number of players to participate by setting up level defense battles and challenging world BOSS.

Moreover, after the end of the world BOSS, the dungeons and gameplay related to it will also meet with players one after another. This is undoubtedly a gluttonous feast for those players who love to brush the plot and watch the plot. However, Fantasy Westward Journey does not only have the latest plots, but also such as “Main Story”, “Summoning Beast Story”, “Western Journey Legend” and “Dungeon Story”, which together form the “Fantasy Westward Journey Story Universe”. The mystery may only be understood by plot parties who are keen on “chasing dramas”!

2. Leisure parties that “do not work properly”

There are also some players who regard Fantasy Westward Journey as an entertainment game in their leisure time. They are neither keen on various tasks, nor do they want to participate in the event copy. For them, the “Three Cave Sky”, “Dream Party”, “Gobang”, “Mohist Sudoku”, “Qiankun Pan”, “Dream Cards” and other games appearing in the dreamy Chang’an Street are the kingly way.

There are also players who like fishing. Although there are few such players, as long as you have participated in fishing competitions, you will find that “the masters are really among the people”! In addition, there are a large number of players who are keen on the recently launched “Legend of the Westward Journey”, “Shenmu Chess Game” and other gameplays, which have no equipment, no time limit, and rich entertainment, and gradually become their ” A new way to unleash yourself”! This may be another charm of Fantasy Westward Journey!

3. The achievement of “hard work”

Speaking of the “hardest-working” players in Fantasy Westward Journey, the Achievement Party must have a place. For them, brushing achievements is the motivation to play fantasy. Every time new activities and new gameplays appear, they will become the first to eat crabs, and they will study in depth according to the achievement items. Even in the accumulative ways of mastering, running darts, and catching ghosts, they can persevere with extraordinary perseverance.

Of course, there are benefits to brushing achievement points high. High achievements not only have the opportunity to buy individual “out-of-print auspicious auspiciousness”, but also get the colorful decorations presented by the system. It can be said that currently the top 50 players on the full server achievement list all have a pair of “good livers”, and their enthusiasm and figure for brushing achievements have also become the unique landscape of Fantasy Westward Journey.


In general, Fantasy Westward Journey is a game with a variety of ways to play, and every player can find their own fun in this game. Of course, fantasy casual players are not limited to plot parties, leisure parties, achievement parties, but also many scene parties, photo parties, and fireworks parties. Some fantasy games do not even have hard indicators such as equipment and skills. If you also want to play fantasy with your friends, you might as well try the “Five Skills Horse Noodles” gift package we provide for you in the leveling stage. Just follow the official account of Ye Zizhu Fantasy Westward Journey and you can get it for free!