Immersive sailing experience! “Codename: Partner” restores animation with massive gameplay, reproducing famous scenes for Haimi

As an old IP that was born more than 20 years ago, “One Piece” has always enjoyed a high reputation in the ACG field. At the same time, since the era of handheld consoles, manga games around “One Piece” have been continuously launched, and this There are many changes in the game that are most in line with the characteristics of the original work than action fighting. The fierce battles give full play to the juvenile atmosphere, and also allow Haimi to experience the original sailing adventure.

Recently, a “One Piece” manga game called “Codename: Partner” has caught the attention of Haimi people. The original slogan looked like another action game with the same gameplay, and there are not too many Fans and players paid attention, but after the first exposure of the PV and the subsequent testing phase, Haimi who experienced the game gave very high evaluations, thinking that “Codename: Partner” is an excellent work.

Superb action performance

As a 3DARPG, “Codename: Partner” has superb skills and special effects, but the game screen does not blindly pursue light pollution, but uses lens art to make the battle screen more cool. In the battle with Hawkeye, the player will trigger the plot when Hawkeye is left with blood. The next entire clip is the scene of Zorro and Hawkeye fighting each other in one shot. At the same time, they are integrated into QTE at the moment when the two cut each other. The system allows players to have a strong sense of participation, as if incarnated by Zoro to challenge the world’s number one swordsman in front of him.

In the latest promotional PV, the Straw Hats confronted the sky island Thor, Enilu. In the demo clip from the player’s perspective, Enilu’s thunderous offensive must have made all partners feel a strong sense of oppression. When Enilu incarnates as Thor Afterwards, the tense picture made the Haimi immersed in the scene, as if they were in the Sky Island Temple with the Straw Hats, and joined hands to fight against the powerful Anilu!

Strategy and action go hand in hand

The combo of moves in action fighting games is very important. “Codename: Partner” has done a good job at this point. Even if each character has the same position, their moves and abilities are also different. When players play different characters, they can There are completely different experiences. For example, Luffy has second gear switching and aerial moves. Multiple sets of skills make Luffy’s operation feel very good. At the same time, the ability to change gears can fully restore the animation Luffy’s brain-opening moves.

At the same time, the pre-battle team configuration and order of appearance in “Codename: Partner” are also quite particular. The output, guard and support each perform their own duties. When will the tank release the shield breaking skill, and which output should be played during the weak time of different bosses Whether to return blood or energy after even tricks and assists appear, these all require players to make reasonable partner collocations and on-the-spot decisions after studying each BOSS mechanism!

Highly restored boss moves

The bosses of “Codename: Partner” are not mindless wide-ranging skills, and their move design quite follows the original: the poison gas barrier and machine gun fire of the East China Sea Overlord Creek, which severely limits the player’s range of action; Aaron’s second stage The need to jump into the water to recover energy and snorkel from the player’s feet fully reflects the special features of the murlocs. A series of BOSS skills are highly restored to the original work, allowing players to experience a brand-new sailing world with excellent immersion at any time. At the same time, they can also learn from the strategies of the Straw Hats in the anime, play similar effects in the game, and play famous scenes by themselves. ~

As an emerging action game, “Code Name: Partner” not only makes the action elements outstanding, but also fully restores the details of “One Piece”, which is definitely a unique masterpiece in the comic book game, “Code Name” : Partner” will start the “Sail Test” in the near future. Players who are interested in OP may wish to make an appointment with your friends to obtain the qualification for the test!