Illusory Night Gu is coming, You Die Yinmeng “Onmyoji” new skin of witch Gu Master will be launched soon

Entering the deep forest late at night, there are many shadows of butterflies, the night blurs the boundaries between fantasy and dream, the sound of clogs in the distance is rustling step by step in the forest, and the cocoon lamp that reflects the shadow of butterflies quietly lights up…

【New Skin of Witch Gu Master·Xiameng Butterfly】

【Details appreciation】

The long horns of different colors stretched out from the silver hair, and the blue butterfly wings hovered in the eyes, and the golden pupils flickered in the dark eye sockets, looking for the place where the butterfly shadow fluttered.

The Gu cage in his hand turned into a butterfly cocoon, and the shadow of the butterfly flickered in the faint light; the place illuminated by the lamp, the phantoms lingering.

Butterfly-shaped robes hang down, and thick black and indigo are intertwined. In this dreamlike fantasy, I wonder if the traveler with the lantern is chasing the butterfly, or is the butterfly inducing the dreamer?

The shadows that danced around the clogs turned into blue butterflies. Guide the steps you take to the deep dream that flickers.

【Dynamic display】

【method of obtaining】

Gu Master skin Xiameng Youdie can be exchanged in the event store of the follow-up version event “Searching for the World”. For more relevant information, please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

The wings of the small shadow in the butterfly cocoon trembled lightly, and the pedestrian with the lamp followed the guidance of the butterfly and slowly walked towards the deepest direction in the silent dream.

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