Ignoring the torture of the US military to extract confessions, aliens left the earth, and the female nurse got a top-secret message

In 1947, after the Roswell UFO crash in the United States, the only surviving alien, Airlo, lived on the earth for 6 weeks. The female nurse, Airloi, conducted a large number of interviews with him. The content of the interview covers a wide range of topics, from the origin of life to the history of the earth, to the origin of the solar system and even the universe. The information is really shocking.

In the last issue, we mentioned that Airl was leaving. The content of the last interview before leaving made the US military government and military leaders very nervous. Today we will continue to talk about it.

Before the start of the show, as usual, we would like to remind you that the content of the Alien Interview Series video series comes from science fiction literature, and the stories in it do not represent what happened in the real world. Please watch rationally. Well, pay attention, we will start right away.

After Arroy received a high-level order to confirm the completeness of the interview and the accuracy of the translation, Arroy confirmed the accuracy of the content, but rejected the request to sign the document.

There is no way, after Ai Luoyi expressed his thanks to Ai Luo, he picked up the paper bag of the meeting record, and when he got up to leave his seat, suddenly, the door was knocked open by five military policemen, and a man in a white coat hurriedly opened the door. follow.

Afterwards, Airl and Airl were pressed firmly on their seats by two military policemen, while the remaining military police pointed a rifle at Airl’s head.

The man in the white coat pushed the trolley to the back of Airl’s chair, expertly tied a round headband on Airl’s head, and looped it back around the equipment in the cart, then he shouted “Yes It’s gone!” The military police who were holding down Ai Luo let her go, and at this moment, Ai Luoy saw Ai Luo’s body become stiff and trembling.

After about 15 to 20 seconds, the person operating the device turned a knob, and Arrow slumped limply back into the chair. After a few more seconds, he turned the knob again, but at this time Airl’s body seemed to be motionless, and remained very stiff. The person who operated the equipment did not give up, and repeated the same steps many times .

Eroy sat on a chair and was held down by the military police all the time. She didn’t understand what happened, and was stunned by what was happening in front of her eyes, which was simply unbelievable.

A few minutes later other men in white coats entered the room, and they examined Airl, who was sitting motionless in a chair for the moment. After a few whispers to each other, one of them waved to the gallery window, and a medical gurney was wheeled into the room. They lifted Airl’s limp body onto the bed, cross-bound them, and pushed the gurney out of the room.

Not long after, the chief of staff of the Air Force found Eroy with the man in the white coat. He told Dr. Wilcox, for the sake of convenience, we will call him Dr. Wei from now on. They took Elroy into a small room, where Arroy had been sent.

The chief of staff told Airoy that Airl and The Territory are considered to be a very important military threat to the United States and have been fixed. If Airl is released now, it may seriously endanger the national security of the United States.

Airl lay motionless on the bed, and Airl was not sure if she was alive or dead. A few men in white coats stood by the bed, and Airroy guessed they might also be doctors.

Airl’s head, arms, and chest were all equipped with monitoring devices, and one of the devices, Airl judged, was an EEG machine designed to detect electrical activity in the brain, as well as some other vital sign monitors.

Dr. Way said he administered mild electric shock therapy to Airl in an attempt to overwhelm her long enough for the military to evaluate and decide what to do next.

Dr. Wei asked Ai Luo to try to communicate with Ai Luo telepathically, but after a few minutes of trying, Ai Luoi did not perceive any information, and could not even perceive whether Ai Luo was still in this body.

“I think you probably killed her,” Arroy said to Dr. Way. Dr. Wei did not answer her question directly, but said that they would continue to observe Airl, and ask Airl to try to establish communication with Airl when appropriate.

Interrogation of Mark Elroy

The next morning, Elroy was brought to the meeting room by four military police officers. A few minutes later, Dr. Wei entered the room with a man in a suit, who introduced himself as John Reed.

Reed asks for a polygraph test on Eroy, who is surprised, which means that she is suspected of having lied during the interview with Aroy, and she clearly feels an insult.

But Dr. Wei explained in a calm tone that the test was to protect her. Because the interview process with Ai Luo was conducted through telepathy, and Ai Luo refused to sign the interview record, which means that the accuracy of the content of the interview record depends entirely on her personal unilateral statement. So they don’t have any reliable way to verify the accuracy of the content other than through polygraph and psychological examination.

Reed installed monitoring equipment on Eroy and began the polygraph program. Here’s their Q&A session:

Reed: What’s your name?

Ellroy: Matilda O’Donnell Mark Eroy

Reed: When’s your birthday?

Eroy: June 12, 1924.

Reed: What’s your age?

Eroy: 23 years old.

Reed: Where were you born?

Eroy: California, Los Angeles.

Reed: Do you communicate telepathically?

Airl: No, I’ve never been able to do that with anyone but Airl.

Reed: Was there any falsification in what you said to the stenographer?

Eroy: no

Reed: Did you, knowingly or not, make up any of the messages between you and Arrow?

Eroy: No, of course not

Reed: Are you intentionally trying to deceive anyone?

Eroy: No.

Reed: Are you trying to hinder this test?

Eroy: No.

Reed: What color are your eyeballs?”

Eroy: Blue.

Reed: Are you trying to hide something from us?

Eroy: No, nothing.

Reed: Do you believe everything this alien communicates to you?

Eroy: Yes.

Reed: Do you consider yourself a gullible?

Eroy: no

After more than an hour, Ai Luoyi finally broke away from the connection line of the polygraph and was allowed to return to his dormitory, but outside the dormitory, he was still guarded by military police.

In the afternoon, Eroy was brought back to the interview room, and Dr. Way and a nurse, after giving her an injection that could make people tell the truth, asked her the same questions as in the lie detection process. question.

When he was done, Dr. Way asked her if she had any objections to the test, and Ellroy told him, “I have nothing to hide. I can’t remember anything about this meeting.”

Due to the effects of drugs, Elroy and I were dizzy and even too weak to walk, so when the polygraph test was completed, Elroy was escorted back to the dormitory by the military police, and after that, Never been tested again.

Alien Arrow has left Earth

For 3 weeks after Dr. Way incapacitated Airl, he was escorted into the interview room once a day, and was asked to try to communicate with Airl each time, and each time there was no response. Yi felt extremely sad.

As the days passed, she felt more and more insecure.

Eroy re-reads the conversation records with Ai Luo every day, and she tries to find a clue to re-establish communication with Ai Luo in these records.

Airl still had a copy of the transcript that Airl had signed but that Airl had rejected, and no one had ever offered to take it back, Arroy guessed, because they forgot about it.

By the end of the 3rd week, Dr. W. informed Airl that she was no longer needed on this job and the military decided to transfer Airl to another larger, more reliable military medical facility with better equipment to deal with such a situation. Of course, Dr. Wei didn’t tell her anything about the new agency.

The next day, Eroy received a written order signed by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, ordering that she had completed her service with the United States Army and was officially relieved of all duties.

She will receive an honorable discharge and a generous military pension. Meanwhile, the military gave Eroy a new identity and matching profile.

Along with the order, there is also a confidential document that needs to be signed by Eroy. This document requires Eroy to never discuss with anyone what she saw, heard, or experienced during her military service. Anything else, or you could be charged with treason, and the maximum punishment could be the death penalty.

According to the arrangement of the military, Elroy will be sent by the military to Glasgow near Fort Peck, Montana, where the government will give her a new home.

But the night before Airl left, as she lay in bed thinking about the whole incident, wondering what had happened to me and Airl, she suddenly heard Airl’s voice.

Airl sat up immediately, and within a few seconds, frantically looked around the room, but couldn’t find Airl. Soon, she immediately understood that Airl, the ISBE, was not in her room. As usual, Airl sent messages to Airl through telepathy.

Airl’s tone was very calm and seemed very friendly:

Airl: Are you okay? Eroy.

Airl: Airl, is that you? my god are you still here

Airl: I’m no longer on Earth, and when they did it to me, I was back in a space station in The Domain.

Airroy: Great, it’s great that you’re all right. I thought you were electrocuted.

Airl: Thank you for your concern. I left before the electric shock. I am safe. Don’t worry about it. I know you’re released and I’m glad.

Airroy: Similarly, thank you for your concern, can we meet again in the future?

Airl: We will meet again. We are all ISBEs. Your physical body is just a place where you live temporarily. I have located you in space and time. We can always communicate.

This brief communication made Airoy feel like crying. She was too worried about Airl, worried that she would be harmed by the humans on Earth, and worried that she would be harmed by the compulsory filter on Earth. But now it seems that Airl is fine, and Airl is relieved.

This is the end of the interview between Airoy and Airl. But in the packet sent to Lawrence Spencer also contained a letter written by Airroy. The letter states that Airl was in regular communication with Airl several months after he left the Air Force.

Arrow told her that the main reason for communicating with her was because she was part of The Domain’s lost 3,000 rangers. Through the unremitting efforts of The Domain, the location of all the lost team members on the earth has been determined, but there is no plan to rescue them yet.

Through the communication with Airl, Airl recovered some memories of the 8,000 years that he spent on the earth. Although most of these memories are not very important, but it is Ell as an ISBE, A necessary stepping stone to self-awareness and recovery.

Eroy recalled some vague memory fragments of her time in The Domain Expeditionary Force, where she was also a nurse, and in various eras, most of the time she appeared as a nurse. The reason why Elroy has been working as a nurse is because she is very familiar with this job and likes doing medical work very much.

As Eroy recalls more of the past, she realizes that her life will continue and that the afterlife is not only in the past, it is also in the future. Like all other ISBEs, Eroy will be imprisoned forever in the interplanetary prison of Earth until the Co-Principals are able to disable the old Empire’s compulsive screens.

Since she couldn’t keep her biological body for too long, Eloy strongly realized that her memory would be processed by the old empire’s memory clearing system before long, and then she would be attached to another baby’s body to start all over again. Carry any former memories with you.

Well friends, the world is full of mysteries and occasionally there are answers. I am Brother Grytou.

All the content of the interviews with aliens will be officially assembled today. When we have the opportunity, we will come to a special episode in the future, telling the story about Eloy and the 3,000 long-distance troops lost in the Himalayas by The Domain. That’s all for today’s content, don’t forget to like and follow before leaving, see you next time.