“IG Three Cs reunite, buy A Shui Group All God Class”, LPL’s transfer to Xingua is coming, UZI is a pity

Foreword: The League of Legends S12 World Championship is halfway through. In the end, among the four LPL teams, only JDG entered the semi-finals, forming the same situation as S11, that is, the LPL “Domestic Team” was surrounded by three LCK teams, and it was the same as before. In comparison, the LCK teams are in very good condition this time. DRX made 2 chase 3 to defeat EDG, T1 swept RNG, and GENG, who was in full shape, this time JDG wants to win the championship, maybe it is more difficult than the previous EDG. As for the most disappointing team, it must be TES. They fell to the round of 16 as the second seed, and lost to GAM in Vietnam. After the game, Ah Shui and Mark were tearful. The players were very upset.

After S12, does TES really want to “open the supermarket”?

Objectively speaking, TES’s performance in the LPL spring and summer games was still very good. They won the runner-up in the league, and they were once reduced to “the first in the East”. As a result, after some adjustments, they abruptly entered the top few in the league. The situation of opening high and walking made many old fans look forward to the team. A Shui also hinted in the interview that he would disband if he did not play well this year. Therefore, after TES bid farewell to S12, there are many transfer melons about TES, especially according to the contract database data, TES has many contracts facing expiry, so in the eyes of many LPL viewers, TES is to “supermarket big” Open”, and A Shui and Left Hand are definitely in demand. In particular, A Shui is known as the ticket to the World Championship.

TES transfer new melon is released, IG three Cs are expected to reunite?

I believe everyone knows that the most ruthless team in the LPL in recent years must be BLG. They bought Liu Qingsong and BIN with a lot of money, and they also dug up UZI to highlight a heroic team. Unfortunately, BLG failed to compete in the spring split. He achieved decent results in the summer split, and the gold master also broke his defense a bit. It has already been reported that BLG will buy Ah Shui, THESHY and ROOKIE to form a full-fledged class, with Korean aid in the middle and top, and domestic players in the bottom lane and jungler. The flow and popularity of such a “full championship class” lineup will inevitably increase Laman, if UZI did not leave the team and was still in BLG, then the popularity of BLG would probably explode completely, so many water friends also said that UZI is really a pity.

Of course, in the eyes of many rational LPL viewers, the possibility of this revelation coming true is not high. First, ROOKIE is at the end of his career. Second, even if the IG three Cs reunite, there will be some problems in the run-in after such a long time. Second, 5 The fan base of each player is very large. If they really want to form such a full-fledged class and lose the game, the public opinion after the game will really explode. And throughout the history of LOL events, the so-called All-God Class or Galaxy Battleship failed to achieve very good results in the end, because a team needs one core, but not too many cores, otherwise the command will be messed up.

personal analysis summary

If the LPL winter transfer period of S11 is exciting enough, then this S12 transfer period will still have many highlights, especially RNG, EDG, TES may have personnel changes, and there may be new Galaxy battleships born out of nowhere . UZI has now begun to transform into a full-time anchor, and the possibility of a comeback is very small.

I remember that UZI fan Zhang Jiawen also said in the live broadcast that UZI has a lot of traffic, no matter which team he joins, it can make this team a top team, and almost no players can copy the myth of UZI. It is worth mentioning that since Zhang Jiawen showed his face, he has been doing live broadcasts crazy, and he also participated in the super-happy sports meeting with the lovely buried with AJ. The famous scenes are constant, and interested friends can also pay attention. So the final question comes, everyone thinks that if BLG really forms this whole team, is it possible to rush into the S game?