IG can’t maintain the glossy surface? Insider: The first three Korean aids have not yet received their wages

Leading: In the s12 summer playoffs, WBG, V5 and TES successfully advanced, and the rankings are not bad. This makes the old fans of s8 quite sigh, looking forward to seeing the three players reunite in the World Championship. The end result disappointed everyone. WBG was eliminated again, V5 also lost to LNG, and only one team from TES made the cut.

The good times did not last long. The TES group stage suddenly pulled his hips, lost two consecutive games in the first round, and lost to GAM in the second round, and was eliminated directly. After the game, A Shui and his left hand were accused, and Song Yijin also tried to speak for his old teammates. This offseason, Song Yijin has been working with theshy, duke, Baolan and other old teammates one after another, and the effect of the show is full.

IG can’t maintain the glossy surface? The three champions Korean aid can’t get the money

Seeing Song Yijin’s interaction with IG’s old teammates, many fans missed that season, and even called IG to buy rookie, theshy, and JackeyLove “Trident” again, and let Ning Wang and Xiaotian rotate in the jungle to help Liu Qingsong. Of course, this lineup can only exist in a dream.

The IG team has been silent for a season. After rookie and theshy left, the team directly started the “transformation road”, no longer buying star players, and focusing on cultivating new youth training. The members of IG are all young domestic players, and it seems that they want to follow the example of RNG to cultivate new players and form an “all-China class”.

An insider revealed the real meaning of IG’s move. It turned out that they didn’t have feelings, they just ran out of money. The insider said that although the RNG team had entanglements with four clothing factories and many companies, and had been sued thirteen times in the past two years, RNG has an advantage. They have not delayed the players’ salaries and bonuses. As Xiaohu and Jiangou said, RNG is very generous to the players, and wages and bonuses are paid on time. In contrast, IG has been unable to maintain the glossy surface.

Insider: rookie, theshy, duke have not yet received wages, or will re-enact the practices of RNG players

Over the years, everyone only knows who the owner of the IG team is, and thinks that there is no situation where they cannot pay wages. In fact, the state of IG is not optimistic either. The three champion Korean aids did not receive salaries and bonuses. They may want to follow the example of RNG player Xiangguo and ask the team for an explanation. Xiangguo can’t get the live broadcast salary after retiring, and the three Korean aids of RNG can’t get the daily salary and bonus. There is a certain difference between the two.


From this point of view, RNG is still good for players. Even if the team has a lot of disagreements with its partners, at least they did not treat the players badly. They not only gave them enough wages and bonuses, but also upgraded the RNG players when they went to the World Championship. As for IG, the news that they have no money has long been heard, but I don’t know that the Korean aid champion can’t get the money.

Perhaps this is not an exception for IG. This season, the former FPX champion, Jin Gong, posted a post saying that he could not get the skin bonus for a long time, and he hoped that faker would help to ask fist. This matter should have something to do with FPX, but Jin Gong didn’t want to tear his face with his old club for the time being, so he used faker to make fun.


What we are most curious about is: why does IG only have three Korean players to replicate the practice of incense pot, and did the other players such as Ah Shui, Ning Wang, and Bao Lan get the money? In addition, IG is the first championship team in the LPL. After winning the championship, they should have made a lot of money. Why is there still no salary and bonus?