If you want to wear a piece of sky in autumn and winter, Copenhagen’s bloggers have never missed

With the arrival of October, the increasingly strong autumn hints that we are not far from winter. And dressing is gradually deviating from our original desire to remain fashionable, and is gradually becoming dull and heavy under the irresistible cold wind.

But when you turn to the streets of Copenhagen bloggers to take pictures, you will find that even in the late autumn and winter, they can still be effortlessly fashionable and create different styles with ease. Even a style word “Copencore” named after Copenhagen was born to interpret its unique fashion charm.


Different from the coldness of the Nordics, the elegance of the French style, and the boldness of the American style, the clothes of Copenhagen bloggers are pure, calm and wonderful. The ability to grasp the sense of relaxation seems to be innate, with just the right urban tone, and there is no lack of leisure and sophistication. It also often incorporates mix-and-match elements to add the finishing touch to the match, and ordinary items can also play a different kind of feeling.


This autumn and winter, from black and white to colorful, you might as well follow the bloggers in Copenhagen and have a little Copencore.

In Copenhagen, Pernille Teisbaek must be the most popular blogger who can make a fuss about basic models. Her height is not outstanding, but every photo can reveal the “arrogant” posture of walking with wind.

Black, white and gray are Pernille’s classic colors. She is good at stacking some basic items very well. Black and white collocation, or the collision of various white materials. Her collocation is simple but not monotonous. It is very suitable for people who need to commute. Learn from.

It’s just a black top + straight-leg jeans, and a pair of high heels with pointed toes and metallic colors, which visually elongates the legs and chicks effortlessly.

The same pair of shoes, paired with a long suit jacket will not “eat” the height, but will make you look taller. In addition to the silver underarm bag, the urban sophistication is full, whether it is a meeting at work or a party after get off work, there is no pressure.

It’s the same suit jacket, as long as you replace the inner with a Snoopy sweater and put on a baseball cap, you will be instantly handsome. It can be seen that our wardrobe is not always short of a piece of clothing, sometimes just a pair of wonderful hands that can rearrange and combine clothes.

You would never have imagined that a long denim skirt with a black and white plaid baseball jacket can be very elegant, or in a gray suit look, embellished with a pair of fluorescent bright high-heeled shoes, the handsome and curvy balance is just right.

And her daily casual look is dominated by light colors, and the relaxed texture is very suitable for a weekend afternoon when you simply go downstairs for two laps to buy a cup of coffee.


With healthy wheatish skin, light blond hair, and little make-up on her face, Ella Karberg Simonsen has a sun-kissed tint of life.

She is a model and a freelance photographer. She has worked in the fashion industry for 5 years. In and out of the lens of her compact camera, she can always find an unretouched real, natural and casual.

And Ella Karberg’s outfits are just like her own personality, so interesting and casual.

Especially in winter, although most of her items are based on black, white and gray, they can always stand out from the crowd. This is because she is very good at using small colored items to light up the whole look.

An all-white outfit is matched with a colorful cold hat, satchel and sneakers in red and black, and the thin red lines on the brim and sole make the pure white lively. There is also an outdoor gray sports jacket, which she matched with a green turban and purple wide-leg pants, which is warm and stylish.

In the same way, at first glance, it looks like a simple pile of pure black items. When you look at it from another angle, a pair of retro red pointed high-heeled shoes makes her more romantic. Or, simply put on an ambitious red trench coat. The stitching of the two materials will not make the body look bloated, and will directly enhance the complexion of the face.

Ella Karberg also has a soft spot for irregular stitching color blocks, and the jumping color matching bottoms only need to be paired with jeans, which is enough to take into account both daily life and fashion.

The iconic bangs on the eyebrows, the eccentric temperament like a elf, can hold all the elements that seem to be difficult to control. The combination of these three is Marie Wibe Jedig.

Different from just using the color as an embellishment, on Marie’s body, it seems that any pattern is reasonable, and it can be instantly melted by her ingenious collocation when she wears it.

If she used to focus on the collision of large-area color blocks with low saturation, now she likes to combine brightly colored patterns and patterns in a sharper way… Chunchun can only be worn by being bold and careful. Build skills.

She is also very good at using accessories as the highlight of her look. The bright red thick-soled boots seem to be incompatible with the light-colored tops, but they break the sense of routine and firmly capture people’s attention.

Sweaters with cartoon patterns are also a single item that often appears in her collocations, so that even calm clothes can become ghostly and cute at once.

Of course, there are also templates for our daily reference. Colorful handmade sweaters with leaky “threads” and distressed washed denims bring a lively atmosphere to Copenhagen’s winter streets.

Just wanted to ask, how many such cute colorful sweaters are in Marie’s wardrobe?

When it comes to fashion bloggers in Copenhagen, I have to mention Anne johannsen. Previously, her many sets of flexible macaron color shapes frequently went out of the circle, inspiring many girls who want to get rid of basic colors. It turns out that colors can still be played like this.

Just as the signature on Anne IG is “Just for fun”, her world seems to have no black and white ash. Every outfit is like a delicate cake, sweet but not greasy, full of girlishness.

If you don’t want to wear too dull in winter, you can learn Anne johannsen’s color matching ideas to your heart’s content. Low-saturated colors are matched with each other. It seems that you don’t want to steal the limelight, but the people around you are deeply healed by this comfortable and warm color system.

Even the originally heavy down and cotton-padded coats became lighter immediately after changing the color, like a soft cotton candy, instantly turned into a cute Teletubbies, without any heaviness.

Although red with green and red with blue has always been the hardest hit area for fashion, it is very easy to overturn the car if you are not careful, but it has been played by a lot of fashionable people in recent years. There are always surprises.

Anne not only worked hard on clothes, but also on hats. The lively macaron color matching and the soft thick stitch fabric are simply a powerful combination, which can make mature suits wrapped in a lovely atmosphere without too much area.

Copencore is not so much a specific item, but rather a relaxed and interesting energy. Don’t take cold as the “enemy” of fashion. Let’s play with these “high score rolls” this autumn and winter~