If you want to dress with texture, “skin” with Bella!

Speaking of a must-have item in the wardrobe, it is estimated that leather jackets will be the choice of many people. As a rare item that can be both fashionable and warm, leather jackets have almost become the perfect match for all hipsters in autumn and winter. Even thinking back to Monica from “Friends”, the first thing that popped into my mind was the classic look of her leather jacket, leather gloves + beret.


short leather jacket


Short leather jackets are almost the trump card in the world of grooming proportions. The support provided by the stiff material can not only blur the head-to-shoulder ratio, but also the short version’s length and leg length are excellent. The dazzling short top and the loose-fitting trousers on the lower body can maximize the stretching of the leg line. I don’t know how to match it. Choosing classic black and white is a standard that can’t go wrong.


Or adding elements of similar tones like Bella is also very coordinated, and the combination of green hats and overalls is more uninhibited and more street.


For those who are afraid of cold stars, warmer clothes are just needed. In the dark autumn and winter, bright color matching really shines. Bella’s control of color is very meticulous, the brown of the leather jacket and shoes echoes up and down, and the off-white lapels are coordinated with straight-leg pants of the same color. Coupled with the half-high collar base and the embellishment of white hair accessories, the color is more layered and not messy.


Simple black turtleneck bottoming and jeans and leather jackets are also very good. As for ankle boots or sneakers, you can match them according to the overall style you want.

mid length leather jacket

The most everyday and best match is a medium and long leather jacket. If you want a versatile basic style, go into black and brown, and those with narrow shoulders or a more perfect head-to-shoulder ratio can choose a style with shoulder pads or a style with an extra extension on the shoulders. If the material is thicker, the large drop shoulder profile can also play a certain decorative role.


The all black look is the five-minute trick to getting out of the house. A black base and a straight skirt, a leather jacket can go. Sneakers or leather shoes are ok. Under the modification of leather clothes, it will be very thin, and it is basically not picky.


If you want to be stylish and comfortable, white shoes and baseball caps will be good partners. It is ok to wear a basic base layer inside, and you only need a pair of loose straight jeans or mommy jeans for the lower body, and the comfortable style can also win a lot.


If you want to be more colorful, you still have to work hard on color matching. The unification of the blue of the top and the color of the denim skirt will visually increase the proportion of people, plus the same color stacking of sunglasses and shoes, the overall will be more coordinated.


Keeping the principle of three colors, a single product that looks complicated will actually have a very refreshing overall effect. The combination of black, white and blue is completely cool.


The beauty of Bella’s shape lies in the finishing touch of small objects and decorations. Color matching with sunglasses and clothes is her specialty. It seems that the clouds are light and easy, but the recognition and integrity soared immediately.


long leather jacket

Long leather jackets are relatively more difficult to control, and there are restrictions on height and aura.

Hailey is one of those who can wear long leather coats well. The aura of his own heroic appearance is also very strong. The combination of ball head, sunglasses, jeans, and black leather should not be too big.


The long leather coat itself is easy to overwhelm, and the all-black shape will blur the proportions. In fact, the combination of black and red is very suitable for autumn and winter. It can not only brighten the color sense of the whole person, but also visually modify the proportion with bright color items. Hailey’s red shirt + long leather jacket is more feminine, while Bella’s brown leather jacket + red knitted sweater and double belt are more retro and feminine. Both of them chose a refreshing ball head and sunglasses, which are more capable and delicate.


Autumn and winter are here, has your wardrobe “skinned”?