If you don’t have a good temper, try to avoid these constellations when you get married

Marriage is a major event in a person’s life. It is directly related to the happiness of the second half of his life, and it is also related to the growth of the next generation.

Compared with the older generation, young people nowadays are much more cautious about marriage.

After all, marriage is a reality, not just romance.

The competition faced by young people today is unprecedented.

With all walks of life reaching new heights, if you want to survive on your own and you need to overcome many difficulties, then getting married and starting a family is even more impossible.

When many friends talk about marriage, the other party’s material conditions, educational background, family situation and other practical factors are first considered.

In addition to the above basic guarantees, whether the two people’s personalities are compatible is also what everyone cares about.

Everyone hopes to meet the other half who is easy to get along with.

If you are a person with a good temper, then there is still a wide range of options for mate selection.

After all, people with a good temper can bring comfort to others, and even have a healing effect on the spirit of those around them.

But if your temper is not good enough, or you are not willing to suffer, then when looking for a marriage partner, it is best to avoid the following constellations.

Because your personality cannot complement it, conflicts will occur frequently after marriage.



When dealing with Leo for the first time, you will feel that they are bright and enthusiastic, and they are very easy to talk to.

But if you want to live with Leo for a long time and maintain a good relationship, you need to have good patience and temper.

Because Leo will not let you.

In real life, Xiao Fan knew many people who married Leo, and they all got divorced in the end.

And the reason for the divorce, the personality difference is a big factor.

Especially the strength of many Leo girls is very unbearable for a long time.

Even if you don’t divorce the Leo girl, you have exercised your patience, but you may also suppress depression, anxiety, and restlessness…

The reason why Leo is domineering is because there are too many double standards.

He speaks eloquently to others, but rarely restrains himself.

Some things are reasonable and reasonable in their own eyes, but it is wrong or even heinous to happen to others.

Therefore, to marry a Leo, you must have a heart that can bear grievances.

Train yourself to be more airy, otherwise you will be endlessly angry.



When dealing with Scorpio, if the relationship is relatively unfamiliar, or the relationship is average, you will feel that they are easier to get along with.

If you have a good relationship with Scorpio, you will find that they like to meddle very much.

Not only do you like to ask questions, but you also like to ask about everything about you behind your back.

You will be troubled by it.

Even if you don’t want to answer, you will ask all the way to the end.

When a person is asked too many questions, he will be upset.

Because answering the question itself is a very mental process.

If you are asked too many questions, you will naturally feel tired and impatient.

What’s more, many times, Scorpio’s questions are tentative, testing, and critical…

This can easily make people around you feel tense, oppressed, and even fearful.

After all, Scorpio is a constellation with a strong sense of revenge and punishment. Once you feel that others are wrong, especially dishonest to yourself, you will find ways to make the other person unhappy.

Compared with Leo, Scorpio will not have such a hot temper, but has more yin and yang.

They have plenty of ways to make you uncomfortable.

Moreover, if Scorpio has been suspicious of you for a long time, it will also make you angry and feel that you are not trusted at all.

Although this is also a sign that Scorpio cares about you, the feeling it brings to you is grievance after all.

Therefore, if you care about Scorpio, you will really lose.



Are perfectionists difficult to get along with?

This question cannot be generalized.

If the desire is to be perfect, to constantly improve, and to improve oneself, then this person is very easy to live with.

This kind of perfectionist is honest and kind, and is easily moved by the outside world;

But if you demand perfection from others everywhere, such a person will be very difficult to get along with.

Because, no one wants to be picked on.

There is no perfect person in the world.

Are Virgos easy to get along with?

In fact, it is also polarized.

Either a very talkative honest person, or a bitter “exquisite madman”.

Especially many Virgo girls, the latter accounted for a large proportion.

Not only does he have a low tolerance for others, but he is also unwilling to reflect on himself.

A slap can’t make a sound, and the conflict is by no means unilateral.

Even if one party is the main contradiction, the other party is not completely clean.

If one of the parties does not reflect and always blames, the other party will definitely feel the anger of being wronged.

If you have a good temper, you can bear it;

If you have a bad temper, you may explode on the spot.

Therefore, being with a Virgo may carry some inexplicable blame for a long time.

Unless you love Virgos very much, you still have to suffer.

If you are competitive, you will be beaten to death.

Virgos are very calm on weekdays, but once they start to reason, there are a whole set of ways to irritate you.

They are calm, quick to respond, and not furious, but at this time, you are very likely to have been pissed off.



Think it out, it’s one time.

With a slap in the head, it was another idea.

You simply don’t know what Gemini is thinking, let alone judge what they are going to do next.

In fact, this is very normal, because once the Gemini’s mind is in a mess, even he doesn’t know what he is doing or what he wants.

In short, with Gemini, there will be many unknown things and too many uncertainties.

People will have a certain amount of anxiety, even worry, fear about unknown things…

Because there is no bottom in my heart, I am not sure.

With Gemini, the sense of security is not very strong.

People will have uneasy emotions, but in the face of fickle people for a long time, not only must the heart be very strong, but also have a tolerant attitude

If you really love Geminis, you should accept and even appreciate their volatile personalities instead of blindly rejecting them.

Although sometimes it makes you feel uncertain, Gemini can also bring a lot of fun to your life.