If the TI11 tea team wants to win the championship, what should they do in the remaining days?

Playing liquid, toilet brother and zai are the breakthrough. No matter how well they play, they will definitely get sick. If you are tough enough, you can win at will. It’s kind of hard to keep secrets. One round of ban Marcy Xiaoqiang to grab Xiaoqiang, or a ban of Marcy Xiaoqiang to grab the old deer, and the last time to ban Marcy Xiaoqiang to release the old deer to grab Lena. Laolu nisha version TO, Swiss Lu Xun version T1, but fortunately Lena burst into high energy to restrain Laolu; the secret Marcy 34 can play and swing; if the support is not a strong Xiaoqiang, then take Sven.

Then, in the second round, you can ban Gorefiend, Dasheng, Sledgehammer, and Brother Crystal. Banguang, or ban two to grab XXS Sledgehammer, or ban two to grab Monet Dasheng or Zeng Jiaoyang Dasheng (he has an assault practice); after Brother Crystal’s unique skill is banned, the boxer will let Nisha play the rhythm, if the boxer gives the rhythm

Nisha picks that rhythm mid laner instead of mid laner C, like Captain Bat. This round of BP was successful. XXS can never be banned.

If you encounter a stone man, this team fights to the limit and is very demonic. But it is not that tea has not won. Either preemptively, the Zhonglu Yaoren will directly dry up the nine. If the tea is a fort lineup, then the A tower will be backhanded, and don’t pull it into the last 4V5 scene. If Zeng Jiaoyang wants to hit 0 cats, he must pay attention to discipline. To play with this team, I suggest that Guotu, Mad and Lao Turtle look for their game records and see what other unknown leaders they have.

Domain’s routine, don’t fall into their routine, such as doom electric fish. Now the tea team is only the benevolent person who can do these things.

It’s best to relax these days, everyone will be under pressure. It is estimated that the social gangster of the ball will work hard, and it may not be useful for others to adjust.

Many professional players and commentators have said that at this stage of Ti, all teams are never against anyone, but to be themselves. They were once as strong as LGD, and they have a chance to win the championship every year. As far as LXO is concerned, Did you really lose to anyone?

If Cha did their best to go, it would be commendable. This is their best achievement and it is worth celebrating! Tea hit this position, it has really been unexpected. In the next fight against liquids, I still think that tea can win, but against the secret treasure and the stone man, I just want to say that winning the third place is a victory, at least no matter how embarrassing it is, it is not the worst year. It’s too realistic. It’s good to be third. An excellent result is second. At least it’s five to five times like the so-called peak period, isn’t it? (233)

After all, the mountain of stone is really hard to gnaw. Competitive sports are not like this. You think that if you work hard and you are rewarded for your diligence, you will be worthy of winning the championship. Look at the blood of other people. The momentum, “Every one is the last one!”

Every year I watch South American DOTA laughing and laughing. It’s really uncomfortable to watch this bloody battle. Are others unworthy? The secret treasure has been a phantom god for so many years, and it is not like a godfather in front of Aegis. The old man of Quanjiang has watched him for more than ten years. Dota1 has done it to Nima Ti, and he is also a Ti champion. Still fighting, don’t you deserve the second one?

Shito is also the teacher of champions. For a team with such a high gold content and such pure ingredients, isn’t it a matter of course to win a championship? It’s all bullshit, but the truth is that, you want the version to be ahead, you want hard power first, you need to cooperate with the catalyst, okay, don’t others? How much tea can there be? Fight again and report again.

Come on, Acha! Play your own things, and you can use your own things to prove your results.

It’s not very useful to do anything… If the country can strengthen the research on a few opponents so that the BP is dominant. If it can effectively restrain the opponent, it may be helpful?

The Aster team is too similar to Xigua (former StarCraft 2 national player). The characteristic is that the basic skills are solid; the disadvantage is that it only seeks stability and does not play snakes. The result is that he can win, he can win no matter what, and he can’t beat no matter what he cannot. Even at the moment of life and death, he did not have the courage to die.

Therefore, it is difficult to expect Aster to break out suddenly. He should play steadily with a high probability. I think it’s possible to pass the liquid at 64. But after that, whether it’s the secret or the stone man down, I guess Aster can’t beat it.

It’s still the same sentence: “It’s a pleasure to see the CN team on the final day this year.”

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