If it goes on like this, it’s not even a mobile game! Monopoly 11 has more than half of the negative reviews, is it better than the previous one?

Hello everyone, this is the Zhengjing game, I am the Zhengjing little brother who loves to eat melons.

In the history of domestic game development, you may not have played “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”, which is the peak of your debut, or you may not have experienced the martial arts flavor of “The Legend of Jin Yong’s Heroes”, but it is absolutely impossible not to have a game with your friends. Monopoly, unless your childhood was so lonely that you didn’t have a single friend (bu shi).

As the place where many people’s game dreams and board game dreams began, “Monopoly” left us not only a wonderful game memory, but also the joy of fighting wits and courage with partners… With your years Growing up, this pure joy will become more and more precious.

But can you believe it, “Monopoly” released on October 20, 2022 will be better than “Monopoly 4” 24 years ago in terms of gameplay and fun, and it will be harvested on Steam More than half of the bad reviews.

Is this a change in childhood feelings, or a perfunctory matter of the production team? Today, my little brother will take you a good look at “Monopoly 11”, which has attracted criticism from countless people.

From an objective point of view, compared to the “Monopoly 10” released in 2019, the progress of “Monopoly 11” is extremely huge, because it has re-joined the “extremely advanced” stock system, which is at least 20 times ahead of the previous game in terms of gameplay. In 2008, it has barely caught up with the “Monopoly 4” released in 1998;

It’s just that if you want to add the stock system, then add it well, and why do you have to disable this system in multiplayer online mode, so that players can only experience the stock market when they can only play in offline mode or with the computer? What about the joy of investing in a comeback? !

One thing to say, this “added but not fully added” gameplay design, which runs through “Monopoly 11” from beginning to end, can be regarded as the biggest failure of the game.

At the same time, considering the balance of the game, the “price index” decided to increase by the number of days also made “Monopoly 11” from a strategy-oriented game completely reduced to the category of “game of luck” that is not as good as mobile games.

Do you dare to believe that a “real estate tycoon” who bought most of the properties on the map and was ready to win the game by collecting rents in the early and mid-term will have a lot of soaring prices in the later period, just because he stepped on several deductions in a row The money grid was bankrupted by the system?

What’s even more unreasonable is that the changes in the large-scale buildings completely deviate from the original intention of “game of luck”.

Once large-scale buildings with card functions such as bookstores, energy centers, and research institutes take shape, it means that you will be holding a card for forced land collection, a card for forced tax collection, and a missile card to fight someone else’s card. Garbage cards further make the entertainment in the later stage of the game tend to 0.

The most important thing is that because this game also makes some changes to the mechanism of card appearance, the interesting offensive cards such as missile cards, bomb cards, and forced land acquisition cards that players are thinking about are difficult to be brushed out in the early and mid-term, so some luck is not good. Even good players can only watch their opponents aggressively acquire land, but they have no choice but to hold a lot of cash.

Got it, that’s how the gap between the rich and the poor is widened. “Monopoly 11” really… understands capitalists too well!

Of course, compared to “Monopoly 10”, which was sprayed into a sieve three years ago, this work still has visible progress in terms of completion. For example, Daewoo increased the initial character from 6 to 14, and finally fixed the server in terms of networking, which can ensure that players can play in online teams without hindrance (even if they send emoji, it will still cause lag bugs).

At the same time, the launch of the hot bucket mode is also considered to be based on the 10th generation, optimizing the grid of the map and the range that can be bombed, so that players can enjoy the last game of fast-paced bombing;

The challenge lord mode is a new asymmetric gameplay in Monopoly 11. Four players work together to challenge the lord boss who has house, land, cards and powerful skills at the beginning.

If it’s not that the lord’s character data is too strong, and he can ruthlessly crush players within the first 30 rounds, this mode is quite interesting.

In addition, the dressing system that can switch skins is also a visible improvement in “Monopoly 11”. It’s thanks to Daewoo that Daewoo didn’t make skins into DLC to sell, otherwise this game will have more mobile taste.

In short, as long as you have the spare money to buy “Monopoly 11”, you might as well buy a board game offline to play, even if it is a pirated version of the board game “Monopoly”…

The younger brother has something to say: In fact, for childhood memories like “Monopoly 11”, no matter how well its gameplay is done and how rich the content is, in essence, the basic configuration of the game still requires 3 or 5 friends to open the black together. , in order to play that joyful taste.

So, from a certain perspective, it’s not that Monopoly 11 isn’t fun anymore, it’s that we’ve become “not fun.”

A serious question: Do you think needing friends is the highest configuration of the game?