Ideal L9 high-speed thrill! Li Xiang personally responded to the controversy of many car circle bigwigs

【CNMO News】Recently, according to CNMO’s understanding, the owner of the ideal L9 car shared on the Internet that he had an unexpected situation when he was using the assisted driving of the ideal car on the highway, and the car rear-ended other vehicles.

Ideal L9

It is reported that the car owner said on Weibo: “I am also an in-depth user of ideal NOA assisted driving.

It has been used at high speed many times before, including this time, and the functions are normal. On January 20th, I drove from Fujian to Hubei. All the way on the highway, there will always be reminders from the car. For example, there will be early warning reminders when vehicles slow down or change lanes ahead, and it can also help car owners to actively brake. “

After expressing his approval, he continued: “But at 5:42 am on January 21, at a speed of 113KM, there was a vehicle slowly changing lanes in front of the right, and the ideal car did not have any warning or active braking action until I After reacting, I stepped on the brakes, but still hit the left rear of the car in front at a speed of about 100Km. Many friends asked me why I didn’t step on the brakes. You can see if I stepped on the full video of this driving recorder. .”

And he also added: “It is indeed too much trust in the L2 assisted driving of the ideal car. The L9 also has the lidar, but the function is invalid. The ideal company said that the data is normal and does not admit that there is a problem with NOA. I am glad that such an accident happened during the Chinese New Year. The most important thing is the safety of the entire car family! As a consumer, how should I protect my rights?”

ideal comment

For this Weibo. Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Auto, commented below: “Whether the car owner is interested in disclosing it with us (the car owner’s consent is required), the L9 driving at full speed faced a 55km/h “suicide merge” collision accident in the side lane, the assistant The whole working process of the driving system? We will keep the structural data of vehicle perception and regulation for each collision accident, so car owners can rest assured that it will fully comply with regulatory requirements and will not involve any security and privacy.”

Other Bloggers Respond

In addition, well-known car critic Han believes that this rights protection is unreasonable, and now it is only assisted driving, not automatic driving. Another car blogger, Chen Zhen, disagreed with him, saying: “The purpose of consumers buying assisted driving is to avoid accidents caused by distraction or fatigue, and the assisted driving in the video is indeed ‘negligence’, so I I feel that ideal should optimize his assisted driving strategy for this accident to make him safer.”