Iceland’s past finally deciphered? Nakano’s breakup is true, and he almost gave Niu Bao a “yuyu”!

In LPL, there are many “unsolved mysteries”, and the most curious thing in the past two years is FPX’s “Icelandic Past” last year. As the second seed of the LPL, no one thought that they would be in the group with the best qualifying group, and they would overturn the car directly. They did not win a game in the second round, but if they win one game, they can qualify, but FPX did not do it. And Nakano’s data is also at the bottom of the sixteen teams. After the World Championship, FPX also disintegrated directly, and such a galactic battleship is gone.


Iceland’s past finally deciphered? Nakano’s breakup is true, and he almost gave Niu Bao a “yuyu”!


Up to now, everyone is very curious about what happened in Iceland last year, which caused such a team to finally fall apart. The players also kept their mouths shut about this matter. Even Steak last year said in an interview that something unspeakable happened in Iceland. This remark made the majority of netizens even more curious about what happened last year. . However, in the recent transfer period revelations, someone said this.

This person is a well-known blogger who broke the news on Weibo. Every time during the transfer period, many netizens gather on her Weibo and start to eat melons during this transfer period, because some melons may be controversial. It made many netizens unhappy, so they sprayed this blogger. But this blogger is not easy to provoke the winner. After all, if his melon is not accurate, there will naturally be a master to hammer him. Here, she mentions what happened at FPX last year.


77 said, for example, before the team disbanded, if you just looked at it like this, you might not understand it, but later she said: “The game is already in the middle of the jungle, not talking in the bottom lane, almost depression in the top lane, and I want to go back in the middle of the season. Going to Korea, this is something that everyone in the circle knows, and it’s not even an expectation . ” Obviously, this team is talking about last year’s FPX team. It seems that the “Nakano Rupture” is really a fact.

Tears of Laohuang fans? Nakano Breaks the Radiation Team, everyone doesn’t want to play!


Last year, because of the “helmet incident”, the FPX team attracted the attention of many netizens. At the same time, fans on both sides of the team began to tear each other. Everyone looked down on each other, and everyone wanted to get back for their true master. Some fairness, the result eventually led to the breakdown of the relationship between the two, and then in the World Championship, because of the loss of the game, the mentality exploded, and finally FPX disintegrated, and a legendary team disappeared from everyone’s sight. At this time, many netizens are also very curious, what happened to lqs and lwx?

The two have been friends for many years, and now they hardly communicate at all. Could it be that they broke down when they were in Iceland? Iceland may be a medium, and it may be after this World Championship that the relationship between the two became estranged, but it is not ruled out that as everyone said, the two still talk a lot in private, but in any case, Last year’s Iceland really broke the hearts of some Phoenix fans !