I saw the only production car in the world, the Mercedes-Benz EQXX

Written by | Fan Dongsen

Editor | Zhang Dingjun

On the “Mercedes-EQ Technology Day” in October this year, the highly disruptive and forward-looking VISION EQXX concept car completed its China debut. It shows more than just a concept car.

Just like when I saw this car for the first time, I remembered the saying: “The inventor of the car invented the car again.”

This may be the furthest electric car in the world

Usually, in order to make pure electric vehicles run farther and last longer, it is nothing more than making a fuss about the battery structure innovation and energy supplement system, and even the wind resistance coefficient of the vehicle.

However, what is the ultimate in electric power, and even where is the potential of electric vehicles?

In this regard, Mercedes-Benz has given a new idea, that is, using energy efficiency as a benchmark for defining electric vehicles, and putting forward the concept of “energy efficiency is hard currency”. The VISION EQXX concept car, which visited China for the first time on the Mercedes-EQ Technology Day, is the embodiment and best interpretation of this concept.

In April 2022, VISION EQXX completed a journey of 1008 kilometers on a single charge from Sindelfingen, Germany to Cassis, France.

This is the car we will focus on today, the Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX.

Why pay special attention to energy efficiency

Mercedes-Benz’s emphasis on “energy efficiency” comes from Mercedes-Benz’s annotations on “energy efficiency”, which mainly focus on three dimensions: first, efficient use of electric energy, that is, to achieve longer cruising range with low energy consumption; second It is to make full use of renewable resources to bring luxurious experience while reducing the impact on nature; the third is to make product development more efficient through digital technology and teamwork.

With the help of digital development tools and the integration of global partner companies, innovation institutions, and professionals in the field of Formula 1 racing, the VISION EQXX concept car took only 18 months to complete the vehicle from scratch, breaking the previous 3-5 years of research and development of the vehicle. cyclical industry practice.

VISION EQXX has two sets of measured data that are very beautiful: one is to drive from Sindelfingen, Germany to Cassis, France with “one box of electricity”, and completed a 1008-kilometer endurance test under real traffic conditions, with 140 kilometers of battery life remaining on arrival. mileage, the average energy consumption is 8.7 kWh/100 km.

The second is to start again from Stuttgart to Silverstone in the UK, and finally complete the real road challenge of 1,202 kilometers on a single charge. In the face of congested road conditions and high temperature, it refreshes itself with an average of 8.3 kWh of ultra-low energy consumption per 100 kilometers. Energy efficiency records.

The VISION EQXX concept car is equipped with a new self-developed electric drive system, which can achieve 95% energy efficiency. That is, up to 95 percent of the battery’s energy ends up being transferred directly to the wheels.

how it does it

In the face of wind resistance, VISION EQXX uses digital modeling technology and bionic research and development, with a water drop-shaped body, a retractable diffuser, and a series of active and passive aerodynamic optimization to achieve a wind resistance coefficient of 0.17. And the rolling resistance of the walking part is reduced. The tires are customized tires developed in cooperation with Bridgestone, which achieves rolling resistance and a 20% weight reduction, and uses lightweight magnesium alloy forged wheels and aluminum alloy brake discs. It extends battery life by 2%.

Resistance also comes from weight. VISION EQXX adopts many weight-saving designs, such as the aluminum one-piece casting process for the rear floor casting; the sustainable carbon fiber-sugarcane composite material from F1 for the battery top cover; the battery energy density reaches 400Wh / Liter, it can achieve smaller volume and weight under the same battery capacity, which can be said to be “armed to the teeth”.

The interior also uses a lot of sustainable environmentally friendly lightweight materials, making it only 1750kg. For comparison, a pure electric mid-size sedan with an 80kWh battery pack is about 2400-2500kg, which is even lighter than a fuel-powered car of the same size.

The shape of the vehicle is also very important

First of all, you can see that the front face is naturally a closed design, the front of the car is very low, even the LOGO is printed, there is no protrusion, and there are two concave holes on the front hatch, which can make the front of the car The air can flow out of the hole more quickly.

The most exciting place is the side rear and rear of the EQXX. The entire rear is also exceptionally smooth. The taillights are integrated with the lines of the rear, and the bottom is also equipped with a retractable diffuser, which can be extended back by 200mm. Further reduce the drag coefficient by 0.01.

In addition, the VISION EQXX concept car is also equipped with a number of “drag reduction” tools, such as a retractable active rear diffuser, ultra-low rolling resistance and aerodynamically optimized tires, etc., so that it still has the ability to travel at high speeds. Excellent aerodynamic performance.

The concept of environmental protection is used to the extreme

When such a car is in front of you, it also has the ultimate pursuit of environmental protection. Its door handles are made of biodegradable pure plant silk; the seats are replaced by leather made of cactus raw materials and mycelium. The carpet is also woven with 100% bamboo fiber… The use of a large number of sustainable materials leads the new luxury texture, and also points out the direction for the future luxury in which man and nature coexist in harmony.

Equipped with so many leading technologies is not an “ivory tower”, but will soon be applied to the future production models of Mercedes-Benz.

Therefore, the future can be expected, and the future is in front of you!