I really didn’t expect “Breakthrough” to be broadcast in the 8th episode. The best acting was actually him who appeared in less than 10 minutes.

Unexpectedly, in the 8th episode of “Breakthrough”, the most likable and best acting is Geng Le, who adds up to no more than 10 minutes in each episode.

The role of Niu Junjie seems to be sloppy, irresponsible and unreliable. In fact, he is the leader who does practical things and puts the interests of netizens first.

It can be seen from the words that Niu Junjie, the chairman of “Preserved Dan”, who forced the palace to do nothing late at night, said to his subordinates on the way home.

Niu Junjie: “The wages must be paid to the front-line workers in the mines, and must not be used for other purposes!”

Subordinate: “Do you want the senior management too?”

Niu Junjie: “What do you want? The top executives earn so much before they can’t starve!”

As a manager, Niu Junjie can rush to the construction site without hesitation in the middle of the night, which is worthy of recognition.

Niu Junjie is very likely to be the one to blame in the end. The couple with Shi Hongxing had different concepts and patterns from the beginning, and it was a matter of time before they broke up.

I have to say that when a good actor is acting, the audience has a strong sense of substitution. Take Niu Junjie dozing off during a meeting. It is very much like a migrant worker in daily life. He worked overtime the night before until the early morning. There will be another meeting early in the morning.

What’s interesting is that in TV dramas with this theme, the supporting roles are often dazzling, and the protagonist’s acting skills are mediocre.

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