I’m envious! In 1968, the mother-in-law grew up like a post-90s generation, her skin was fair and firm, and her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law went out like sisters

As the saying goes: “Everyone has a love for beauty”, especially for female friends, the most enviable are those women who grow up against them. Obviously their real age is over half a hundred years old, but their appearance looks like a two-year-old. A teenage girl with a youthful glow.

A woman in Shangyu, Zhejiang shared a video of her 54-year-old mother-in-law’s “reverse growth” on a social platform, just like a little girl born in the 90s The face is really envious of many netizens.

In the video, the woman posted the ID card of her mother-in-law who is over half a hundred years old. Presumably at this time, some people have the appearance characteristics that should be in this age group: sparse and white hair, loose and inelastic skin, pale yellow and long spots on the face… and when When the close-up of the camera was given to this mother-in-law, it was completely different from what we expected.

I saw that her skin was fair and firm with a water-light effect, and her facial skin did not appear wrinkled or dark yellow. The visual effect gave people an illusion of age reduction. For this reason, some netizens sighed enviously after watching this scene. : “This is from 1968. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is born in the 1990s.”

Netizens’ opinions:

Some netizens commented that all frozen-age beauties and fairy sisters only exist on the Internet.

Some netizens commented that everyone’s time is spent on dressing up and skin care. Our time is to earn money to support the family and do housework. If you can sleep for 8 hours, it is considered a beauty sleep.

Some netizens also commented that my mother is also 68 years old. Although she is the most beautiful in my eyes, I have to admit that this aunt takes good care of her.

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