“I even hit Uzi and Crystal together!” Tian Huihui threatened to hit three of them, but was taken away by the police and turned into a clown!

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Recently, the “octagonal cage incident” has been aroused. As the protagonist of this incident, the attitudes shown by icon and Tianhuihui are actually completely different. Icon has always wanted to get rid of Tianhuihui, but Tianhuihui It’s too tight, I always want to eat this bad traffic. However, only two days after the New Year’s Eve, the sky that I thought would calm down, started to make troubles again.

Tianhuihui came to Shanghai to clamor icon

No, icon had already booked a plane ticket for Tian Huihui years ago, but was rejected for various reasons. As a result, after the incident, Tian Huihui came to Shanghai again after the year, and yelled on the spot that Icon would give him 30 hours to let him go. Icon and him met solo, which immediately aroused heated discussions among many people.

And what’s even more funny is that Tianhuihui doesn’t seem to just want to catch the popularity of the icon, but even Uzi and Brother Crystal also want to catch the popularity together. Because Uzi teased before that if icon and Tianhuihui fight the octagonal cage, then he will call on Crystal to fight too.

As a result, Tian Huihui threatened in the live broadcast: “Call Uzi and Crystal, and I will beat them all by myself!” Among other things, Brother Crystal has never made people feel disgusted even though he has a stubborn mouth. Tian Huihui’s way of rubbing hard and then making excuses to be a turtle is really uncomfortable to watch. ​

Tian Huihui was taken away by the police

However, what happened later turned Tian Huihui into a clown completely. Since Tian Huihui’s clamor was carried out in the live broadcast, it also attracted the attention of the police in Shanghai. It didn’t take long for Tian Huihui to be arrested. The police found it and took it away, and the live broadcast stopped.

Not long after that, Tian Huihui issued a “review letter”. It seems that he was educated and wrote a review letter before releasing it. And Tian Huihui also live broadcasted the icon as a clown afterwards, so he dared not hit him and had to call the police to arrest him. To be honest​Although Tian Huihui said that the icon reported to the police, netizens who know what Tian Huihui has done in the past, like Gouzi and me, think that it is very likely that Tian Huihui’s own script.

Before, Tian Huihui was rotten because of the script, but this time, as early as years ago, Icon gave Tian Huihui 3000 to buy a plane ticket, and even directly booked a business seat ticket for Tian Huihui, but was rejected by Tian Huihui. Hui found an excuse to fool the past.

Now that Tianhuihui has dragged on for so long, it is obvious that he is trying to figure out how to solve it, so looking at it this way, it is almost impossible for Icon to call the police, but it is much more likely that Tianhuihui will direct and act on his own.

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