I don’t know if Bai Yu’s family is full of dong shoes, but it is true that he endorses the dong shoes brand.

On October 28th, the entry #baiyujiazhengdongcao# appeared on the hot search. The cause of the incident is that Bai Yu, an artist who has starred in works such as “Children of Qiao’s Family” and “Soul Soul”, posted a group photo of himself and many pairs of hole shoes on social platforms.

In the photos posted by Bai Yu, there are not only a large number of cave shoes, but also each pair of cave shoes is different in style and has its own characteristics.

If this is really a photo of Bai Yu’s personal shoes (i.e. private shoes) taken at Bai Yu’s house, then Bai Yu’s house can hold a small exhibition of sneakers.

In the photo, not only Bai Yu is wearing sneakers, but even a little doll next to him is wearing sneakers, which is very interesting.

Yue Xiaoya turned around curiously and found that there is a lot of information on the Internet about Baiyu cave shoes. There are articles saying that Bai Yu likes to wear cave shoes, and he wears cave shoes on many occasions.

However, Yue Xiaoya couldn’t help but complain a little. Although Bai Yu, who seems to be outspoken, really likes comfortable and casual sneakers, it doesn’t mean that the house is full of sneakers, and there are no other types of shoes at all.

The point is that Bai Yu is the spokesperson of a shoe brand, and the brand’s main product is the sneakers.

Crocs, as the name suggests, are named because of the many holes on the upper. Crocs, also known as “garden shoes”, are a type of sandal.

Because the sneakers are comfortable to wear and at the same time take into account the fashion, they are loved by many people. What many people don’t even think about is that heavy-duty medical staff especially like sneakers.

This is because medical staff often have to stand for long periods of time, and sneakers are comfortable, cushioned and non-slip, making it easier for medical staff.

Secondly, the working environment of medical staff has strict requirements on hygiene, especially the medical staff in the operating room, who have higher hygiene requirements, and their shoes must be disinfected. Crocs are easy to disinfect and easy to put on and take off.

Again, although the sneakers are breathable, the head is wrapped, avoiding the disadvantage of slippers that are prone to pain and injury after collision because the head is not wrapped. Even if the instrument falls, it can effectively protect the foot from injury.

Therefore, sneakers have almost become standard for medical staff, and every medical staff has at least one pair.

If you pay attention, it is not difficult to find that some occupations such as store clerks need to stand for a long time. If there is no dress code, practitioners will also like to wear sneakers.

But there are also drawbacks to sneakers. In 2018, CCTV’s 3.15 party revealed that there is a great risk when a child wears sneakers and sits on an escalator, and is likely to be involved in the escalator.

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